The Sigma 10-20mm f / 4.5-5.6 is the wide-angle brainchild of Sigma.

Sigma 10-20

Lens markings from the manufacturer Sigma

 Label  Value  transcript
APO apochromatic Abbreviation indicates chromatic aberration has been corrected in the lens.
Art Art series
Contemporary Contemporary series
DC For cameras with a cropped sensor
DG Lens for full-frame cameras
DN Lens for mirrorless cameras
EX "EX Series" professional series with balanced performance
HSM Hyper sonic motor Sigma ultrasonic motor
Macro Macro capabilities
OS optical stabilizer Optical stabilizer
Sports Sports Series Lens

The lens is weighty, and in general, it is made in the same design for the EX-series. The Sigma 10-20 has a metal mount, this one has a rear for Canon EF-s. Focusing goes beyond the infinity mark, like other universal zooms from Tamron or Sigma. What to do when you want to weld with users of all systems at once, and not with one specific one. Anyway.

Sigma 10-20mm 1: 4.5-5.6 EX DC HSM Lens

Focusing of the lens is lightning fast, but this is probably not even due to the HSM motor, but a wide angle of focal lengths. The focus is silent. Sometimes I had to focus on the focusing distance window to make sure it worked. All thanks to its wide angle, because the takeoff run at such focal points is small - after three meters we can already assume that infinity has come.

Sigma 10-20mm 1: 4.5-5.6 EX DC HSM Lens

When focusing, he does not think for a long time, scrolling the entire range of sharpness from small to large (from MDF to infinity). Perhaps because the lens itself is dark. Sigma 10-20mm 1: 4.5-5.6 EX DC HSM was tested with a Canon 7D camera, this was noticed on native glasses only in semi-darkness. Along with a central phase-detection AF point at f / 2.8 and the sharpness of wide-angle lens space, shouldn't there be more error-free focusing? Mystery. The same as the "professionalism" of the HSM-series 2005-2014. (conditional grouping by a single technical design). Sigma 10-20mm 1: 4.5-5.6 EX DC HSM has all the features of the HSM series 2005-2014:

  • fast autofocus
  • uniform shape and color scheme
  • metal mount
  • large diameter mounts for light filters
  • such a stabilization
  • high contrast
  • obscene dust protection (external focusing, no electronics protection from the rear lens)
  • strange behavior of autofocus in difficult lighting conditions
  • the presence of aberrations at an open aperture


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