A wedding event is a responsible action both on the part of the performers and on the part of the customers. For customers, this is a holiday that, even after its end, should not be overshadowed by anything. On the part of the performers, maximum dedication is required in order to ensure themselves both a good attitude in the future and in terms of promotion. In order not to forget some moments and little things, I made a memo for the newlyweds and for myself. In order to have a successful wedding day, you should work through all the important and insignificant points in advance. By the way, the memo goes like a promo, instead of a business card. You can take it or make yourself a similar one.

4. Kolca i atributika

Memo to newlyweds

  • Order the bride's bouquet for the date very in advance, we take the boutonniere if given as a gift (lives a couple of hugs)
  • Google "favorite color + bridal bouquet" on the Internet in advance, and then show what you want in the store
  • Changeable shoes for the bride
  • Umbrellas
  • A reserve of funds in case of heavy rain (change the park for shooting to the nearest building, as well as in case an emergency occurs at the banquet (broken dishes, etc.))
  • Invitations, if any, do it for key people, or make video invitations
  • The photo zone is not needed, there are more problems with it than there is any sense in it
  • Toppers and other small paraphernalia - paraphernalia at times, as well as pompous decorations on a car
  • It is better to buy balloons and other fireworks by yourself, without intermediaries.
  • A first aid kit with painkillers and medicines, just in case, should be
  • Thread with a needle
  • A car with decorations from friends / relatives, and not to order, it will be much more comfortable to move around the city with a familiar person as a driver
  • Bows or ribbons, the simplest decoration to simply highlight the car in the stream (including the cars of the guests who will drive after you)
  • It is not advisable to save on the makeup artist, plus the makeup artist advises the hairdressers with whom she has been working for a long time
  • A loose hairstyle without a ton of hairpins and varnish is better, because it will be easier and more convenient on the wedding day
  • The dress will definitely get dirty, you need to be prepared for this
  • If the dress needs to be tied, then it is better to tie it a little tighter so that it does not weaken and sag
  • The veil, if any, should be fastened as simply as possible so that it can be quickly removed
  • There is not a single car in which a bride in a wedding dress will sit comfortably.
  • I will shoot the fees as a bonus, for your archive, so that there are more photos left in memory, but see for yourself according to the situation, if this is not an extra fuss for you
  • The ransom of the bride, if necessary, is best done at the entrance or in a beautiful place (many people do not do it at all)
  • It is better to meet the bride and groom in the park closest to the registry office.
  • A garter, if any, does not need to be worn all day
  • In order not to torment the guests, we take photos with the guests near the registry office, after registration, or just before the walk. Both the newlyweds feel comfortable, and the guests left on business to come later to the banquet
  • Be sure to have a light snack after the registry office for the newlyweds and those guests who will stay with you
  • If relevant, then you can start a contest on Instagram for guests with their own hashtag (the host at the wedding at the end of the banquet will summarize which photo will get the most likes, and the super prize (a bottle of champagne, for example) should be discussed with the host.
  • Video filming from guests, in memory of the event, or a person who will simply film the wedding, because live video is much more interesting than 2 minutes of cutting for 40 thousand)
  • It is better to work out the timing of all stages in advance, and it is better to select the registration time so that you can gather slowly and not much in the morning, since the day will last forever. The day before check-in will end very late.

Well, the signature - your photographer% Alexey Gvozdev% and contacts.

Stages of the wedding day

  • Morning of the bride and groom
  • Gathering of the bride and groom
  • Meeting the bride and groom
  • Collection at the registry office \ at the place of registration
  • Anxious waiting, either for the start of the event, or for the time for painting in the registry office
  • Painting
  • Congratulations from guests \ buffet
  • Filming of the newlyweds in a pre-selected location with or without guests
  • Banquet with contests, songs and dances
  • Well, according to the classics, a bridal bouquet, a garter
  • Fireworks or other end of the banquet

Separately, I note

  • Redemption of the bride by the groom (either before the meeting, or during the banquet, is now less practiced than 10 years ago. Depends not on the photographer)))
  • Dance of the newlyweds (maybe in the registry office after painting, maybe at a banquet, or maybe there and there)

Often a wedding can take place without them.

Morning of the bride and groom, getting ready

The morning of the groom / bride begins with the fact that they meet everyone who should be present at the gathering and up to the registry office itself. These are guests, parents, performers. Classically, the bride and groom should not see each other before the bride puts on the wedding dress. That is, ideally, the gathering of the bride and groom takes place separately. We have to shoot a couple of portraits of the groom, the bride during the preparations (how they paint her, tighten the dress).

1. Morning. Sbory zheniha i nevesty 1

You can take pictures of the present girlfriends and friends for interruption.

1. Morning. Sbory zheniha i nevesty 2

And this is better to do, because, for example, after 5-10 years, the same father of the bride in sweatpants in the photo can evoke memories in her better than photos from the banquet. And in general, the fees are quite a long matter, and no one really needs 100500 shots as they paint a bride.

1. Morning. Sbory zheniha i nevesty 6

Before the start of the gathering, take pictures of the bride on the bed, next to the dress, let him waltz with it, lose it, look at it.

1. Morning. Sbory zheniha i nevesty 3

Open the curtains, look out the window. Be sure to then shoot a couple of shots, with rings and, in general, paraphernalia - shoes, a separate dress, a separate suit, invitations, some other elements connecting this day and as a cut-off between plans.

1. Morning. Sbory zheniha i nevesty 4

Let's take a couple of classic male portraits with details for the groom, and let's leave him behind, as men rarely like to be photographed.

1. Morning. Sbory zheniha i nevesty 5

Even at such an event.

Meeting the bride and groom

The training camp has been filmed, let's move on to the meeting. The meeting can be directed by changing, for example, a room that has already set the teeth on edge. On the street, the meeting will look more organic and interesting, especially if the environment allows it. Usually the groom approaches the bride, lifts the veil (if any). Give them a couple of minutes to look at each other, filming just emotions and a diverse picture. Gathering at the registry office or the place where the painting is carried out usually costs a reportage, while there guests, relatives and young people are discussing something, you can do a variety of shots with children, guests in a natural environment without staging.

2. Vstrecha zheniha i nevesty 1

Well, or snapping portraits. depends on the mood of the environment. There is a category of guests who come for 5-15 minutes to give gifts and leave. They should not be missed. It would be a good idea to discuss in advance such things as getting the bride and groom out of the car upon arrival. And in general, it is better, of course, to travel by car with the newlyweds, if there is one.

2. Vstrecha zheniha i nevesty 2


This is followed by an invitation to paint.

3. Collection u zagsana meste provedeniya registracii

Depending on who conducts it, and where it takes place, the scenery will be different, but the action will be the same. The guests sit down, the photographer is shown (or not shown) his working corner, and the ceremonial part of the event begins. If shooting in the open air, and in movement are not limited, this is good. You can shoot not only the reaction of guests and newlyweds from one point, but also different plans, so that the result in the photo does not seem monotonous. Let's mix the reactions of the guests and the newlyweds, don't forget to shoot the exchange of rings.

5. Obmen kolcami

If suddenly during the time it was not possible to shoot the exchange of rings, it's okay, then we will ask you to do it again during the walk.

After painting

This is followed by a transition to another hall \ zone and a buffet table. This is followed by congratulations from the guests and those present. Many people I know do not film it, since the movement is unpredictable and uncontrollable. In the halls, the light is poor. But in the open air it can be a good idea.

6. Vyhod i vstrecha molodozhenov 2

If the shooting is in the registry office, then the groom can carry the bride in his arms. If there is no organizer, you can arrange it yourself in advance. Guests usually, regardless of whether the bride and groom come out, or one of them rides in his arms, greet the newlyweds with coins, petals, crackers, grain and other paraphernalia. They can also release pigeons into the wild) But usually everyone knows about this in advance.

6. Vyhod i vstrecha molodozhenov

General photo of guests and young people, as much as possible. Do not forget to shoot everyone in general and more than once, so that fewer guests then followed us for a walk. Although there is nothing wrong with a certain number of guests. With the help of them, it turns out to involuntarily switch attention or defuse the situation. Anyone who wants to take a picture must be filmed. At least on their own phones.


The walk takes place in a standard manner, according to a previously prepared plan of the photographer and selected locations. If the location is suddenly incomprehensible, then we improvise. Must have experience shooting couples, just something.

7. Progulka after zagsa 1 7. Progulka after zagsa 2 7. Progulka after zagsa 3 7. Progulka after zagsa 4 7. Progulka after zagsa 5 7. Progulka after zagsa 6 7. Progulka after zagsa 7 7. Progulka after zagsa 8 7. Progulka after zagsa 10 7. Progulka after zagsa 11 7. Progulka after zagsa 12


Everything else has already (got to the banquet) - a reportage, you can mix with different plans, change the angle of view, interfere with portraits of guests and game at competitions.

For this part, it is better to have a flash, or two or three flashes with synchronizers, so that you can control the light, as well as take pictures of guests in the darkness of the hall / outdoors.

Excellent shots to you, gentlemen!


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