Lovestory and individual photo shoots are a great way to both train your hand and fill a good portfolio for someone who already has a full hand.

Individual photo session

An individual photo session is both simple and difficult at the same time. Simply in the sense that you will have to interact with one model, it is difficult - in order to reveal it as steeply as possible. People are different. Images too. A classic of the genre, if you need to work with the quality of processing and shooting technique - a walk on the street. It is worth considering that you must explore and stock up on various interesting locations for a rainy day, to which you can bring a model at any time.

It is worth exploring in these places the fall of light when the sun is at its zenith, at dusk and dawn. If you plan to shoot at lunchtime - work out various secluded places, arches, and courtyards, in which there will be no direct hard sunlight. This will make the picture look more interesting. Be sure to look every day and create collections on Pinterest tagged "model", "female poses for a photo shoot" and everything related to models and working with them - fashion, beauty, and so on. For what? So that you can always tell the model how to stand up, how to look, where to direct your hands and bend the body. After all, a man in a photograph needs to look like a man, and a woman needs to look like a woman.

Love story

Lovestory is also simple - and complex. The difficulty lies in the fact that it is necessary to work with two people at once, usually a man's portrait and a woman's, plus a pair. You can do it in the format of a walk, you can prepare scripts in advance with which you will puzzle them, or you can leave them alone for a while so that they communicate.

For example, they remembered the first day of the meeting, or discussed some of their favorite things. There will be a separate article on how to work with a pair. Let's go further? Press the links.

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