Let's peep a little at the work of the catalog photographer and eavesdrop on the subject.

The camera settings in the studio are almost always the same: we close the aperture to the diffraction limit, that is, when the maximum depth of field, but the whole frame still does not start to wash (on ordinary cameras it is 8-11, here the medium format is used, on it they usually close up to 16-22), excerpt = excerpt synchronization, so that the flashes work normally, you can set 1/100, you won't be mistaken, ISO is always minimal (100 by default on conventional cameras). It's not so easy to tell about the world on the fingers, each time a new scheme for a new subject.

I wrote about the camera and light settings above, and then we take a knife, hang it on a fishing line, make a support from some thin wire or wood, after wiping everything well, adjust the light, blow dust and remove, then repeat for the rest of the products. )) Here, in Photoshop, a stack of three frames with different sharpness settings was glued, since the whole knife flatly refused to fall into sharpness.

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