Communication is the main part of our work. The more you communicate, the more pleasant you look, the more people are drawn to you, and the more orders you will receive in the future. Of course, the best catalyst in any activity is having the right circle of acquaintances, however, an important component of success is how you communicate with people. How open you are, how much you can win over people. There is an old tale about a wedding photographer who came to the wedding as a guest, communicated with everyone, and a completely different person did the work for him.

Almost everyone knew about this photographer in a small town, because he did not ignore a single guest at the wedding. And he received a lot of orders. And why not "Yes?" Communication even with your potential competitors should not go beyond moral standards. Still, the sphere of professionals in a particular place is quite narrow, and as a rule, everyone knows each other. And when you communicate with all this circle of people, then all of a sudden you can be invited to some event, or, moreover, to throw some fat order. Communication is very important. Again, building a line of interaction not only with clients, but also with your competing partners, you can achieve much greater heights both in commerce and in creativity.

Always do a little more, even if it hurts. The golden rule of good sales.

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