Working with a model in private is like getting to know each other better. People are all different, and if it is not clear how to interact with a new model, then you should start with a simple one. Do you remember what the classic dating and further development of relationships looks like?

  • What are you doing?
  • What are you looking at what you did yesterday?
  • What are your hobbies?
  • Insert a dumb / not so dumb / funny joke
  • Stand up like this.
  • Stand here and see what you have in your bag
  • Play with the bag (throw on the other shoulder, take it with both hands)
  • Okay, put your hand on your belt
  • Shake the hair on your head
  • Continue communication
  • Naturally, during all this action, you lead the model to where you will photograph her.

And we talked and filmed. Before shooting with unfamiliar models, I always try to establish a dialogue even before the shooting begins. This will make it easier for all participants. The model will not be so constricted, and you will not be distracted once again by building communication, but will be more focused on your work. By the way, a professional model will often stand up as it should, because she “knows us all as flaky”))). For beginners, I advise you not to strain yourself and do whatever you want. There are no hard and fast rules. Unless, of course, we are pursuing a certain idea and timing.

When working with a professional model, you have a big problem explaining to a person what you want from him. She will stand up the way you want, and then make a couple of more movements that can radically change the mood in the frame. The professional model is relaxed, not pinched. In order for a novice model or a model who comes to you to shoot for the first time to relax, it is necessary to inform her in advance that no rules and nothing at all are required from her. You do not even need to constantly look at the camera, since we do not need interaction with the viewing photo in each photo. Typical workpieces:

  • Stand as if you are waiting for the bus or standing in line for sausage (yes, that's right, because the request is non-trivial and often makes you laugh)
  • Grasp the tip of the collar with your hand
  • Correct the brooch / earring
  • Turn this way
  • Look at me when I call you
  • Take two steps forward / backward
  • Turn your head to an object and look at it
  • Ask the model what she saw there
  • Ask to sit down and get something from your purse
  • Let her play with her hair, as if she had this first date in her life.
  • Let him walk, straighten his shoulders and reach you in wide sweeping movements (analogy with models on the catwalk)

By the way, girls have seen many magazines and programs of the fashion industry, because they are more interested in beauty and various clothes than guys. Plus a bunch of posing in front of a selfie mirror. Well, if you are a girl and you are reading this text, then it is doubly clear to you what to do with a new model and how to relax her. You have so many common themes.

If the model is a guy / a man, then here you should focus more on typically masculine things. Costume details, strength, endurance. Men usually do not like to be photographed, and they are reluctant to pose (the term is such in photography). A man is used to breaking, building, hitting the muzzle, terraforming, fighting, striving. Do not use blanks for girls if you are shooting a guy, as later on in the photo he will look comical (if not horrible). For a man - man's actions. Simple to the point of disgrace

  • Fold your hands
  • Stand up
  • Shift your weight to one leg and relax
  • Correct the collar / tie
  • Button / unbutton your jacket and look at the camera at this time
  • Sit on the bench, sit back, look a little haughty
  • Take it off in dynamics, with your favorite thing (auto)
  • It is best if a flat background or some lines are used as a backdrop.
  • Hard light that enhances facial features and wrinkles
  • The direct gaze of a man in the camera comes very much later when viewing.

And so on. Esquire magazine will serve as an excellent example of male photographs. The subject for discussion with a man can be anything. You can ask what he is doing, and then ask questions about his profession (it is very effective, and allows you to win over a person faster than using some other methods), the dialogue turns out to be especially interesting if you are really interested in what the model does professionally, down to the smallest detail. If this is a sufficiently famous person, you can discuss some facts from his biography in the process (do not touch the gross and ambiguous interpretation)).

“Model” in the current article refers to the person participating in the shoot as a client / real model. That is, in the broader sense of the word. The person you are photographing.

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