Praktica, Praktika - the name of small-format single-lens reflex cameras produced in the GDR by the company VEB Pentacon Dresden. This name was later used to produce compact cameras and binoculars. In the USSR, Praktica was the only brand of foreign-made SLR cameras officially sold through the retail network. Pentacon Six roll-film cameras were also available, but represented a different class of technology.

The predecessor of the very first "Practice" is considered to be produced by the company Kamera-Werkstätten Guthe & Thorsch GmbH ("KW") SLR Praktiflex, equipped with a non-standard M40 × 1 thread for attaching interchangeable lenses. This camera is considered the world's third small-format "SLR" after the Soviet "Sport" and the German "Kine-Exacts".

After the occupation of Germany, the private enterprise KW was nationalized and renamed VEB Kamera-Werkstätten Niedersedlitz, working on orders from the Soviet military administration. In 1947 she was given a technical assignment for a new camera with a threaded M42 × 1 optics and a shutter speed range from 1/500 to 1/2 of a second. Under the leadership of the designer Siegfried Boehm, the Praktiflex camera is being modernized, an improved sample of which was presented in the fall of 1948. Serial production begins in January 1949 under the new name Praktica, as KW became part of the Ihagee company.

Further improvement touched upon obtaining a synchrocontact, a constant sighting mirror and a pentaprism, as well as a jumping diaphragm, which appeared for the first time in the world in the Praktica FX2 model in 1956. Since the transformationPraktiflex”in “Practice” each other was replaced by two generations of cameras based on a fabric focal shutter with a horizontal movement of shutters, such as Leica. One of the most famous among the second generation Nova was the Praktica Super TL model, which was also popular in the Soviet Union, where it turned out to be the first affordable camera with TTL-exponometer. The earlier Praktica Mat was the first to receive such an exposure meter in Europe.

The first three generations of SLR "Praktik" were designed for threaded mount of M42 × 1 lenses, which coincided with that used on the Soviet "Zenith". As a result, a huge fleet of interchangeable optics produced by the Soviet industry approached the cameras.

The third generation of the mirror "Praktika" received the latest lamellar gate with vertical movement of metal shutters. Such gate, developed in 1960 by a consortium of 4 Japanese companies, allowed sync speeds to be reduced to 1/125th of a second, providing "fill flash" in daylight. The first in this series was the Praktica L camera in 1969. In total, more than 20 models of the L series were produced, among which were the first with automatic exposure control and interchangeable viewfinders. It was this family that was the most popular among Soviet photographers. Despite the differences, all these models share the same type of shutters: focal with vertical movement of the slats along the short side of the frame. The last camera in the family was the MTL-50, released in 1985.

camera Praktica

Praktica LLC became the world's first camera with electric transmission of the aperture value of interchangeable lenses in TTL-exposure meter. The Praktica VLC camera was equipped with interchangeable viewfinders and focusing screens, and the built-in TTL-exposure meter measured light through a semitransparent mirror.

Reviews and Specifications

  1. Praktica MTL 5B
  2. Praktica LTL
  3. Praktica vlc
  4. Praktica L
  5. Praktica FX2
  6. Practice I
  7. Porsche reflex CX4
  8. Porsche Reflex FX6
  9. Porsche Reflex CX6
  10. Revue BC2
  11. Revue ML
  12. Revueflex TL25
  13. Revueflex TL1
  14. Revueflex BL
  15. Revueflex SL
  16. Hanimex Praktica LTL
  17. Hanimex Praktica Super TL
  18. Hanimex Praktica NOVA IB
  19. Hanimex Praktica LB
  20. Hanimex Praktica L
  21. Hanimex Pro L
  22. Hanimex Pro TL
  23. Hanimex Praktica TL
  24. Hanimex Praktica NOVA I
  25. Hanimex Praktica mat
  26. Jenaflex AM-1
  27. Jenaflex AC-1
  28. JCPenney SLR1
  29. JCPenney SLR2
  30. Cavalier STL-I
  31. Cavalier SLR III
  32. Cavalier SLR II
  33. Pentor Super-TL
  34. Praktica Pentor 2 LTL
  35. Hanimex Praktica 66
  36. Foticon LTL3
  37. Foticon MTL3
  38. Pentaflex SL
  39. Pentor IB

Lenses most commonly seen Praktica

  1. Carl Zeiss Jena Tessar 2.8 / 50 Zebra
  2. Carl Zeiss Jena Pancolar 50mm f / 1.8
  3. Carl Zeiss Jena Pancolar 1.8 / 50 MS Review
  4. Carl Zeiss Jena Sonnar 135mm f / 3.5
  5. Carl Zeiss Jena DDR Sonnar 135 mm f / 3.5
  6. Meyer-Optik Görlitz Domiplan 2.8 / 50
  7. Pentacon Electric 2.8 / 29
  8. Pentacon auto 2.8 / 29 MC
  9. Pentacon Auto 1.8 / 50 (oreston)
  10. Pentacon Auto 1.8 / 50 MC (oreston)
  11. Pentacon Auto 2.8 / 135 MC (orestor)

Model letters indicate the following:

  • L - lamellar shutter with metal curtains;
  • V - removable pentaprism, allowing you to choose other types of viewfinder;
  • P - non-removable pentaprism;
  • D - LED indication of exposure deviation;
  • TL - behind-the-objective exposure measurement at the operating aperture value driven by a repeater;
  • LC - behind-the-objective measurement of exposure with a fully open aperture with electrical transmission of its value to the exposure meter;
  • B - measurement of exposure with an external sensor;
  • EE - electronic shutter control in aperture priority mode with internal light metering.

General list of Praktica camera models

Praktica IV/V

  • Practice IV
  • Praktica IV B
  • Praktica IV M
  • Praktica IV BM
  • Praktica IV F
  • Praktica IV FB
  • Praktica VF
  • Praktica V FB

Praktica nova

  • Praktica nova
  • Praktica nova B
  • Practice mat
  • Pentaflex SL (aka Porst reflex FX 3)

Praktica PL nova

  • Praktica PL nova I (aka Hanimex Praktica nova I)
  • Praktica PL nova IB (aka Pentor IB, Porst FX 4, Hanimex Praktica nova IB)
  • Praktica PL electronic
  • Praktica super TL (aka Hanimex Praktica super TL, Porst reflex FX 6)

First generation L

  • Praktica L
  • Praktica LLC
  • Praktica LTL
  • Praktica LB
  • Praktica vlc
  • Praktica LTL 2
  • Praktica TL
  • Praktica super TL 2
  • Praktica Super TL 3

2 L-generation

  • Praktica LTL 3
  • Praktica PLC2
  • Praktica L2
  • Praktica LB 2
  • Praktica vlc 2
  • Praktica EE 2
  • Praktica DTL 2

3 L-generation

  • Praktica super TL 3
  • Praktica MTL 3 (aka Revueflex TL 25, Revueflex TL I)
  • Praktica PLC3
  • Praktica vlc 3
  • Praktica DTL 3
  • Praktica EE 3

4 L-generation

  • Praktica super TL 1000
  • Praktica super TL 500
  • Praktica MTL 5 (aka Revue ML, Revueflex TL 25)
  • Praktica MTL 5 B (aka Revue ML)
  • Praktica MTL 50

Practice B

  • Practice B
  • Praktica B 100
  • Praktica B 200
  • Praktica BC 1 (aka Jenaflex AM 1)
  • Praktica BC 3
  • Praktica BC Auto
  • Praktica BCA (aka Jenaflex AC 1)
  • Praktica BCC
  • Praktica BCS
  • Praktica BCX
  • Praktica BM
  • Praktica BMS (aka Revue BC 2)

Praktica BX-series

  • Praktica BX20
  • Praktica BX 10 DX
  • Praktica BX 21 DX
  • Praktica BX20S

In 2001, the production of Praktica SLR cameras was discontinued.

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