Sample photo Vega-12B

The shooting was carried out on a Sony A7II camera, through a home-made adapter from macro rings and two adapters (M42-EF and EF-NEX).

Specifications Vega-12B 90mm f/2.8

  • Format: Medium Format Mirror
  • Type: Fixed focal length (fixed)
  • Focus: Manual focus
  • System: Pentacon Six (By-t "B"), Pentacon Six (By-t "B"), Kiev-88, Salyut (By-t "B"), Kiev-88, Salyut (By-t "B" )
  • Year of completion: 1984
  • Optical design: 5 elements in 4 groups
  • Aperture: 6 blades
  • Maximum aperture: 2.8
  • Viewing angle: 47 degrees
  • Weight: 480 gr.


Despite the antiquity and belonging to medium format cameras, the lens is worth paying attention to. On full-frame cameras, as well as on cameras with an APS-C sensor, the lens will fit through an adapter to the appropriate system. The rear section of the lens allows you to install it on any modern cameras with a sensor smaller than a medium format frame. In addition, the resolution of the optics is enough to cover these matrices with a vengeance, however, nevertheless, the best picture will be in the native format.

Vega-12B a common lens, its cost usually does not exceed $ 35 in the used market. However, the cost of an adapter, for example, to Sony (F) E, may exceed the cost of this lens. If your mirrorless has an adapter to another mirror system, you can consider installing this Vega through several adapters, saving the budget.

Unlike Vega-12V, Vega-12B has a connector from the Pentacon Six mount, which is very common abroad. Accordingly, the adapter does not have to be machined from improvised means, and you can buy a ready-made one.

When buying, you should pay attention to the operation of the lens aperture, the condition of the optics and mechanics. In particular, as mentioned above, Vega-12B comes across with a sticky aperture, as well as with a poorly rotating focus ring. Maintenance of this lens, of course, is not a difficult process, but still, it is better to purchase an option that does not require maintenance.

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