Disassembly and repair of whale Nikkor 18-55 DX ED and VR is an amateur business. I would say for a true gourmet. Versions with and without a stub, it feels like they were assembled in different factories, but were designed by people who were completely unfamiliar with each other. They are so different, these lenses. If you take a lens corpse without a stub (Nikkor 18-55 ED) in the hope of fixing a lens with a stub (Nikkor 18-55 DX VR), then a bummer will come out. In addition to the focusing motor, they have nothing in common.

Canon in this regard, of course, is easier - for several modifications the same body and parts. In Nikon's case, things are bad. All mechanisms and all components are different. Fundamentally. In general, it is logically easy to understand, if this is not the first time. For the first time, questions may arise about a complete disassembly - the front lens sits on hidden latches, which cannot be reached from the inside. Some wires need to be unsoldered.

The diseases of both versions are the same:

  • Zoom bushings are worn out
  • Focus motor dies
  • The diaphragm falls apart
  • After the blows, the bushings crumble, the barrel warps.

Theoretically, trains also fall into the risk group, but I have not come across these lenses with aperture and focus trains torn from intensive work. If the zoom wedges in one of the positions, or the ring itself is walking tight, most likely the plastic sleeves have come. These sleeves can be easily replaced with pieces that fit in thickness and shape from a paste to a gel pen. He walks a little, but does not eat.

It will work well, but not for long. After assembling the lens, check for sharpness. I hope you, like me, mark or memorize the positions of the elements before disassembling. The focusing motor could not be reanimated in 8 out of 10 cases.

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