The word “monumental” reflects, first of all, not the size of the lens, but the very nature of the drawing. So it blows from him with ancient strength and power ...

The Sigma AF 180 mm f / 2.8 APO Macro lens began to be produced in 1990 and, apparently, it became a copy of the same glass, but acquired autofocus.
From the point of view of macro photography, the lens can be called not even a photographer's tool, but a “weapon”. A kind of mobile gun that allows you to shoot the desired object from afar without disturbing the shooting hero.

On MDF, the background is blurred not even into "milk", but into a kind of dull substance without hints of details. The depth of field begins to approach zero - in general, working with this lens, you become the hero of the film "Interstellar". The usual outlines of forms disappear, objects receive additional "weight", monumentality, scale ...
The lens is good not only for macro photography, but also for portrait photography. The character of the drawing is restrained, even, but at the same time elusively noble. In general, a kind of introverted giant who will make you the desired image of the hero, will nod with restraint in response to gratitude and retire into the sunset.


  1. Sigma (manufacturer)
  2. Sigma 30mm f / 1.4 EX DC HSM
  3. Sigma 17-50mm f / 2.8 AF EX DC OS HSM
  4. Sigma AF 70-210 mm f / 2.8 Zoom APO (I)
  5. Sigma AF 24-135 mm f / 2.8-4.5 Aspherical IF
  6. Sigma AF 180 mm f / 2.8 APO Macro
  7. Sigma AF 28-105 mm f / 3.8-5.6 UC-III Aspherical IF Canon EF
  8. Sigma AF 24mm f / 1.4 DG HSM
  9. Sigma-XQ 39-80mm f / 3.5
  10. Sigma 10-20mm f / 4-5.6 Canon EF
  11. Sigma 50mm f1.4

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