Good afternoon, here we will disassemble Helios 44M and service it. Helios 44m in comparison with the models Helios-44M-4, Helios-44M-6 is a little more difficult to disassemble.

The lens suffers from the disease of lack of smoothness and wedging of the focusing ring. This is due to the fact that some lenses were released more than 40 years ago and while they were in the cabinet, the grease just dried out. If your Helios is spinning tightly, it means that you need to change the lubricant.

Razborka i obsluzhivanie Gelios 44M 1

For disassembly lens and its subsequent lubrication, we need a slotted screwdriver, (the thinner the better) tweezers.
As a base, I use CIATIM-201 grease, I dilute it with medium viscosity Tika grease for fishing reels. You can also add instrument silicone oil. I have 200, but 400 is better. 200, because it is universal. Ciatim and Tica are mixed in a ratio of 2 to 3. The instrument oil is applied in one drop, and is evenly distributed over the entire helical thread, otherwise it will leak.

Tsiatim perfectly clogs the unevenness of the thread, and Tika contributes to the smoothness of movement. At the same time, if you simply lubricate with CIATIM, then in the cold it will harden and the ring will not turn.

We expose the lens to infinity. Disassembly starts with the diaphragm pressure mechanism, at the back it is fastened with 3 screws. The drive pin is kicked by the zenith when the release button is pressed. In Helios-44M, the diaphragm drive mechanism is similar to a clockwork. There are so many springs and parts in it. In subsequent models, this mechanism is simplified many times.

Razborka i obsluzhivanie Gelios 44M 2

Steel screws, aluminum frame. Over time, these screws sour, and you have to loosen them on some lenses by tapping and blotting the WD-40.

Razborka i obsluzhivanie Gelios 44M 3

Next, the ring is removed from the diaphragm control, under it is the outer ring with the applied marks. Before removing the diaphragm ring, you should concentrate as much as possible, since the ring is supported by a ratchet ball. If the spring is not completely slack, then the ball will shoot out.

Razborka i obsluzhivanie Gelios 44M 4

The next stage is the lubrication itself. You can unscrew the focusing ring, or you can remove the guides and unscrew the helicoid lens to the maximum, releasing the thread. There are two threaded connections that need to be lubricated - the thread of the focusing ring and the thread of the helicoid with guides.

Razborka i obsluzhivanie Gelios 44M 5

When unscrewing the helicoid, the main thing is not to overdo it - if the helicoid falls out, inserting it will be a very nontrivial task, since the thread lens on the helicoid multi-way. It is better to twist slowly, and leave marks just before the very end.

Razborka i obsluzhivanie Gelios 44M 6

The next thread to be lubricated is the thread of the focus ring. To remove the ring, you need to unscrew the three small screws securing the cover, then the ring can be unscrewed. The thread is ordinary, there will be no problems here.

Razborka i obsluzhivanie Gelios 44M 7

You can not put grease under the diaphragm ring, since it will not help - the processing is rough. The ratchet ball can be removed to achieve excessive ease of movement. The diaphragm drive mechanism can be lubricated, of course, but it is no longer needed. I don't touch him.

Razborka i obsluzhivanie Gelios 44M 8 Razborka i obsluzhivanie Gelios 44M 9Razborka i obsluzhivanie Gelios 44M 10

The guides of the helicoid also need to be lubricated, and also adjusted at the same time. Guides in the form of shaped plates, made of brass. If you do not lubricate the runners, it will stick. I remove one plate to increase the smoothness of the ride.

Razborka i obsluzhivanie Gelios 44M 11

The lens is assembled in the reverse order.


Disassembly video. Thank you for the attention.

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