This device fell into my hands quite by accident. As well as others, in other matters. They brought a brick to the intensive care unit, it turned out that the charging connector was broken. Well ... while after the repair it was tested for serviceability, the text for a small review, plus photos and videos, also matured.


The device is made in the form of a glossy monoblock. Touch glass, plastic case. Loud speaker, decent camera for a smartphone and performance. Good IPS-screen with a total diagonal of 5 inches and a resolution of 1280x720. Performance is provided by a 4-core (1GHz including) processor, and 1 gigabyte of RAM. The total volume of the flash drive is 8 gigabytes, of which 4,6 is available to the user. Slot for expanding SD cards up to 32 gigabytes. GPS, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth included, as well as proximity, acceleration and ambient light sensors.

The smartphone is running Android 5.1. The touch has a special coating that provides easy cleaning of fingerprints, which is actually the case. Easy to get dirty, easy to clean. Under the back cover there is a “non-removable” battery, a slot for two micro SIM cards, and a microSD slot. Sims work separately, i.e. Each SIM card has its own communication module. The lower part of the smartphone is occupied by a large speaker. It sounds very loud, which will not allow you to miss a single call even on the street. The central button (Home) is applied to the touch with paint, the rest are highlighted when the smartphone is in operation.

The side buttons are surprisingly convenient. You take the smartphone in your left hand, and your thumb lies on the unlock button, and the index and middle fingers on the volume buttons on the right side of the smartphone case. At the same time, the device sits comfortably in the hand and does not strive to run away anywhere. The touchscreen reaction to touch is instantaneous, there were no delays in the reaction and rendering of menu functions. The main camera is not located in the center, but on the edge of the smartphone.

Not very convenient, because out of habit you try to take pictures from the center, and holding the case with your fingers in the camera area, you can get a piece of the same finger in the photo. There is autofocus, tracking and a powerful LED flash. The minimum focusing distance of the camera is about 3 centimeters, which amazed me. The front camera is 5 megapixels, the image quality from it is above average, which is very good.


Unusual arrangement of large icons, combined with notifications under them, clutter up the entire screen, and it will be quite problematic to immediately understand “what, where, came there”, given a large number of notifications.

The desktop is filled with "our" applications. All this is not a problem to cut, using standard OS tools. As additional features, there are advanced display settings and support for gestures. The video plays without problems even through Chrome, which is good news - the performance is excellent. The "camera" application is made in the standard style for the Android OS.

There is HDR, multi-angle view, panorama shooting, automatic face retouching, "live" photo, a library of scene programs, manual ISO setting. There is support for face and smile detection, the "V" gesture, voice commands (there was no reaction to my voice), white balance settings, color effects. All settings are located on three tabs in the application menu. For hobbyists, there is support for geotagging.

As such, switching between photo and video modes is not provided, video recording is turned on by my "favorite" paired shutter button.


In Dexp M350, in a miraculous way, the button reacts completely to the press, and not just a white icon on a gray background. Definitely more convenient than some other smarts. The quality of the photos is quite good for a camera phone, despite the fact that there is a sufficient amount of noise in the shadows. The camera does not dull or lag when shooting, everything works well and smoothly. An example of video and sound of a two-watt speaker:

The sound from the speaker is a separate song; you will not find such multi-way speakers in every smartphone. From what passed through my hands for all the time, only the Motorola E398 phone is remembered with about the same sound quality. For comparison, Lenovo S930 with 2 speakers feels that 2 speakers are "to shout loudly" ...



A smartphone is definitely worth the money: it has everything you need, even more. Great sound, high speed and responsiveness, and design. A small complaint about the location of the camera, but this is a matter of taste. As a smartphone for every day, I would take it.

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