It was this phrase that I met in the only attempt to describe this glass: “There is no data for this lens. " Moreover, the description is posted on the very authoritative site "Photohistory".

The lens is unusual. The U index seems to indicate that Industar-104U is intended for a photographic enlarger. Well, yes - the lens has no helicoid. But he also has no diaphragm!

The minimum focusing distance is about 5 cm. And to be precise, this focusing distance is the only one. I tried to remove the lens from the adapter and bring it closer to the matrix - it's useless! Focusing did not occur in any other range. The appearance of the lens is shown below:

Industar 104U Industar 104U 2 Industar 104U 3 Industar 104U 4

As you can see, it has an unusual protrusion in front and a void in the back. The focal length is 27mm, the aperture is f / 2.8. What can you shoot with this miracle, why was it designed?
I have only one option - microphotography, copying microfiche, or re-shooting negatives. Below I give examples of such attempts. For the test, a phrase was taken almost unreadable with the naked eye on a 100-ruble bill. The height of the letters is approximately 1/3 millimeter

Industar 104U primer photo 7

And here is an example of reshooting a negative (with subsequent inversion in Adobe Photoshop)

Industar 104U primer photo 6

Well, and finally - a photo of the first greenery, which persistently makes its way here in Krasnoyarsk, despite the April cold:

Industar 104U primer photo 2

Again, I'm just assuming that this lens was created for reshooting. I would be glad to see versions and comments of other, more knowledgeable people.


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