I didn’t regret at all that I took a Canon FD 28mm f / 2.8 SC lens with me on a hike. Yes, with an adapter for Sony E it becomes somewhat bulky, but it gives out almost “electronic” plastic and color purity in the picture.
У lens there are only five aperture blades, but this does not affect the drawing in any critical way. The picture this lens gives out really artistic, soft (if this word can be used for a landscape lens).

Sharpness is excellent, even if you shoot at an open aperture. There is practically no vignetting - and where you will notice it in my photographs, it is created programmatically.

Chromatic aberration is often zero. They more often showed themselves when shooting video than in a photo (for example, when bright reflections fell into the frame on the roll of a mountain river). But the general color tone sometimes tends to a purple tint - a kind of light bloom in the photo is sometimes observed, but it is easily treated in a photo editor.

The Canon FD 28mm f / 2.8 SC backlight holds well - it's not for nothing that it is labeled SC.I didn't have time to buy a hood for it before the hike, so during shooting I first covered the lens with my hand, and then dropped it - and, as you can see, the contrast remained at the same level ...
Blocks of vertical lines are not critical - I could easily shoot even in cramped museum spaces.
Concerning hips, then it is worth avoiding a variegated background - the picture in the background of blur will become flickering predictably for a width. But the lens blurs the flat background very plastically and softly.
The construction is reliable, the weight is pleasant, the overall impression of the glass is only positive. If you are into landscape photography and 28mm in full frame is enough for you - feel free to take this lens with you. Considering its price in the secondary market - up to 4000 rubles - you will become the owner of glass that will definitely not disappoint you.
In the examples below diaphragm set to either f / 11 or f2.8. I tried to test the lens both when shooting nature, and when photographing cityscapes, interiors and even insects.

Canon FD 28mm f / 2.8 SC sample photo

Below is a small example of video shooting with this lens.

Adapters for cameras and lenses

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