What film is needed for the Canon EOS Kiss III (EOS 300)?

Any 135 type (35mm) film in standard rolls will work for Canon cameras. You can use both black and white and color, you can wind the film yourself. Or buy... A budget hobbyist color film from Fujifilm or Kodak, black and white Tasma, works well. Films c ISO 400 are suitable for low light conditions, and on films with ISO 200 is best for shooting outdoors in clear or slightly cloudy weather. Examples of photos on film can be viewed here.


Powered by two CR2 batteries for approximately 25 rolls of 36 frames. CR2 batteries in the Russian Federation cost about two hundred rubles apiece, which is, in principle, expensive. If possible, for the same amount you can order 2 batteries and a charger through Ebay with free shipping to the nearest post office. The camera's dating cover has a separate CR2025 battery.

Canon EOS Kiss III Photo Gallery


Seven focus points, multiple frame exposures, a dating cover, automatic film rewind (both on loading and when shooting), and automatic and semi-automatic shooting modes make the camera a very attractive choice for the film enthusiast, even today. In the secondary market, the cost of the camera does not exceed 3 thousand rubles. Sometimes there are options with a battery grip and a complete set + perfect condition.

The camera handles well with modern autofocus lenses (which essentially all hail from the 80s and 90s), and its ease of use and aftermarket affordability makes this camera a tidbit compared to even later Pentacon film DSLRs.

Canon EOS Kiss III \ 300 manual

Canon 300 300QD

Sample photos on Canon EOS Kiss III \ 300

Taken from the site lomography

Examples of photos - Dmitry Tour

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  1. A good DSLR camera, many different functions to improve the quality of images, there are also many shooting modes. With the help of your review, I have dealt with them safely. It was not clear how to shoot with multiple exposure, now I know how.

  2. I have been using this camera for three months. Everything suits, works fine, simple and straightforward to use. For this price, it just has a lot of features. I didn’t regret that I bought a Canon camera.

  3. Once I had such a camera, I remember that the quality of shooting was excellent, and it was very convenient to work with it. The display menu is intuitive, you can quickly adjust various modes of operation, the pictures were juicy, clear, very realistic.

  4. I've been looking at this model for quite some time. In the article I found some answers to the questions that interested me.

  5. The Japanese know how to make quality cameras. I have such a second year in the closet and gathering dust, but from time to time I use it as a props for photo shoots.

  6. Parents, at one time, brought such a camera from Japan, with it we have many positive moments from our life. It still works, the quality is really high. Since then we have preferred cameras only from Canon

  7. By the way, the Panorama mode turns shots into 1k2.35 format, which is not a profanation, but a super cinematic solution.

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