For Jupiter-3, disassembly and maintenance will be required if the grease has dried or a fungus has started. The disassembly lens is very easy, and its maintenance does not take much time.

In short, the lens is split into two parts by the method of interaxial scrolling of two parts - the helicoid and the lens block in these lenses are screwed into each other. Marks during parsing can not be installed, since, in principle, glass in disassembly is simple to disgrace. The main thing is not to unscrew the helicoid to the end, since this is the only place in the lens that has a multi-threaded thread.

Jupiter-3 disassembly and maintenance

Disassembly and maintenance in stages:

We unscrew the lens block from the Jupiter-3 helicoid

Jupiter 3 razborka i service 2

Don't lose pads

Jupiter 3 razborka i service 3

We loosen / unscrew the three screws of the focus ring, having previously set infinity, remembering the location of the rings. The red triangle should be opposite the aperture mark.

Jupiter-3 disassembly and maintenance

We loosen the three screws of the ring with a sharpness scale and remove the ring, in this version of the case it is removed along with the M39 thread

Jupiter 3 razborka i service 5

Jupiter 3 razborka i service 6

If it is necessary to add lubricant, at this stage we twist the parts of the helicoid and add lubricant

Jupiter 3 razborka i service 7

If it is necessary to rinse and lubricate again, then unscrew the stoppers-guides of the helicoid and unwind its parts as much as possible without separating them

Jupiter-3 disassembly and maintenance

Jupiter 3 razborka i service 9

After washing and lubricating, we assemble in the reverse order.


  • The thread of the helicoid is multi-start, if you disconnect the helicoid, then fill it in or put marks in order to assemble it correctly later
  • The outer screws that hold the rings are steel, they like to turn sour in their seats, therefore, in order not to spoil the appearance and not break them, you must first shed something like WD-40
  • Be sure to note the position of the outer ring with helicoid threads, as there is a gap that can be suddenly adjusted.

Let's move on to the Jupiter-3 lens block:

Removing the spacer rings

Jupiter 3 razborka i service 10

We unscrew the locking screws (very small) and the restrictive ring, it can go tight.

Jupiter 3 razborka i service 11

Then we unscrew the diaphragm drive screws and unscrew the Jupiter-3 diaphragm drive ring.

Jupiter 3 razborka i service 12

We remove the old grease, put a new one on the thread. Aperture ring lubricated on both sides

Jupiter 3 razborka i service 13

If you need to wash the petals, then unscrew the three screws of the frame of the front lens

Jupiter 3 razborka i service 14

We remove the lens and use a special key to unwind the ring holding the gluing behind the front lens.

Unscrew the rear lens assembly.

My block, dry, collect.


  • If there are gaskets, in no case do not lose them
  • The diaphragm mechanism is best left dry. Grease is placed only on the diaphragm ring.
  • I wash the stained lenses with detergents, wipe them clean using grandfather's methods - with candle soot on a cotton swab.
  • Wash galoshes in gasoline.

Jupiter 3 razborka i service 15


Jupiter-3 disassembly and maintenance video

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