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The world is (from the French mire < from mirer - to look at the light, aim, mark) - a test object designed to determine the characteristics of image quality in the study of optical systems, especially lenses, and photographic materials

Mira is

A plate of transparent or opaque material with a pattern printed on it.

Worlds happen

  • dashed worlds is (Foucault) - alternating dark rectangular strokes on a light background with a regularly changing frequency and radial worlds, which are alternating dark and light sectors.
  • radial world this drawing is formed by dark and light sectors of the circle
  • Ring of the world this pattern is formed by dark and light rings, like a target
  • Sinusoidal world — image density changes smoothly according to a sinusoidal law.

The contrast between adjacent strokes can be either absolute - the strokes have clear boundaries (the so-called rectangular or U-shaped shading) or, in the case of a sinusoidal world, the transition between dark and light areas changes according to a sinusoidal law in the direction perpendicular to the strokes.
The resolution of lenses is usually rate on their reproduction of the image of the world.

Mira is


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