Nikon Nikkor 35-70 mm f / 3.3-4.5 Ai-S belongs to the budget class, but at the same time relatively fast zoom. However, the main advantage of this glass is the picture itself.

It was amazing to see that this small lens was capable of blurring the background so beautifully, softly, artistically. In addition, the Nikon Nikkor 35-70 mm f / 3.3-4.5 Ai-S retains colors well even in difficult shooting conditions (such as cloudy weather).

Sharpness lens quite acceptable for its class, although it will not allow some modern super-megapixel matrices (over 24MP).
However, he does not need this. Nikon Nikkor 35-70 mm f / 3.3-4.5 Ai-S has the main thing - its drawing. Taking him on a trip, we will beautifully shoot not only mountains, but flowers against the background of mountains.

But when shooting in the city, a problem awaits us - the lens is actively "filling up" the verticals. So fans of shooting city landscapes sometimes have to sit, working with "Warp" in Adobe Photoshop. I give an example of the original and the processed image below.

Nikon Nikkor 35-70 mm f / 3.3-4.5 Ai-S sample photo

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