Quelle is an advertising catalog magazine, a supermarket chain of the same name. We resold photographic equipment in European countries, scans of catalogs with prices for cameras are often found on the network. Mainly from the German market.

Foto-Quelle from Nuremberg, Germany, was a major seller of cameras and photographic equipment. They sold a variety of film cameras and other optical instruments (such as binoculars) from other manufacturers under the Revue and Revueflex brands. These manufacturers included, first of all, the Japanese companies Chinon and Cosina, as well as the Russian / Soviet state plant KMZ, primarily several cameras from their Zenit line. In the 60s, Foto-Quelle also sold Petri and Konica cameras under the Revue brand, which are much less common today.

Foto-Quelle was founded in 1957 as a subsidiary of Quelle, a major retailer and postal service. Foto-Quelle became the largest camera retailer in Europe by 1966 and the largest in the world in 1970. Usually twice a year a popular, richly illustrated catalog was published not only in Germany, but also in the Netherlands, France, Belgium, Austria, Italy, USA and Switzerland.

In 1999, Quelle merged with Karstadt Warenhaus AG (department store chain) to form KarstadtQuelle AG. In 2009, the holding of this group, renamed Arcandor in 2007, went bankrupt. The Foto Quelle division and the Revue trademark were acquired by ORWO Net GmbH. ORWO Net is part of the former Filmfabrik Wolfen (Orwo). Today Foto Quelle is a service provider for photo prints, photo books, calendars, and more.

Revue, Revuenon, Revueflex on the portal

  1. Revue BC2
  2. Revue ML
  3. Revueflex TL25
  4. Revueflex TL1
  5. Revueflex BL
  6. Revueflex SL



Name Original
Revue-3 FED 3
Review 4 FED 4
Review 10 Zorki 10
Review 25
Review 35 Haking Halina Rolls
Revue 35AF
Revue 35 Automatic Balda Baldinette II automatic
Revue 35 BL Franka 125L
Revue 35 BS Balda baldinette iib
Revue 35 CC Chinon bellami
Revue 35 F.C. Halina Micro 35
Revue 35LK Franka 500 LK
Revue 35M Togodo Meikai EL
Revue 35N Beier Beirette v
Revue 35 Super Automatic Balda super baldamatic
Revue 35XC
Revue 35XE Balda CE 35
Revue 35 Compact Electronic Vivitar 35EM
Revue 35 Sport Chinon 35 (silver, with self-timer like Chinon 35EE)
Revue 100 C (original) King regula picca c
Revue 100 C (later) Halina 150
Revue 130C
Revue 135 LOMO Smena Symbol
Revue 150 CF Halina 160
Revue 180 CMA
Revue 190 SMA
Revue 200C King regula picca cb
Revue 250B Regula Sprinty C (?)
Revue 250CS Regula Sprinty C (?)
Revue 250F
Revue 250MF Haking Halina Speedy 33
Revue 280AF Zoom
Revue 300C King Regula Picca CLK
Revue 350F Haking Autoflash 35
Revue 350 F2
Revue 350 FM Haking Halina MW 35E
Revue 400C King Regula Picca-mat
Revue 400L
Revue 400S Vivitar 35EE
Revue 400SE Vivitar 35ES
Revue 400SE 25
Revue 410AF
Revue 411AF (411AF = 410AF + remote control)
Revue 450AF Haking Halina AF700
Revue 450 EF Chinon Monami 35FS
Revue 500AF Chinon 35F-A
Revue 500AF Super Mamiya UAF
Revue 500EF Chinon 35F-EE
Revue 520AF
Revue 530AF
Revue 540AF
Review 550 Haking Halina AF800
Revue 560AF
Revue 600 AF motor Chinon 35F-MA Infrafocus
Revue 600AF Zoom Chinon Zoom 60 mini
Revue 650 Auto Focus Chinon 35FS-A
Revue 700 EL Chinon 35 (black, with self-timer like Chinon 35EE)
Revue 700 SEL Chinon 35 (black, with self-timer like Chinon 35EE, 700 SEL = 700 EL + flashlight Revue TRON SEL)
Revue 735AF Zoom
Revue 750AF Chinon Auto 1001
Revue 770AF Kyocera Campus 70
Revue 780AF Yashica Zoomate 80
Revue 825AF-D
Revue 900 AF Multi Chinon Auto 3001 Multifocus
Revue 900 AF Zoom Multi Chinon Auto 6001
Revue 950AF Kyocera Zoomtec 90s
Revue 1000AF Super Zoom Samsung AF Zoom 1050
Revue AF 35 mini Chinon Belami AF
Revue amigo 2 Konica Big Mini Jr BM-20
Revue Amigo 3 Date Konica Big Mini?
Revue Auto Half S Ricoh auto half s
Revue Auto RS Lomo Sokol Automat
Revue Auto S Konica Auto S
Revue Auto S2 Konica Auto S2
Revue Auto S22 Konica Auto S2 "New" or "EL"
Revue AUTO-Matic Konica EE-Matic
Revue Automatic C
Revue AUTO-Matic C Deluxe 2 Konica EE-Matic Deluxe F
Revue AW600 Chinon Splash AF
Revue AW700P
Revue Electronic C Cosina 35
Revue Flash
Revue HC35 Meikai HC35
Revue horizon KMZ Horizont (I)
Revue mini shot
Revue Mini Compact
Revue M35
Revue N Beier beirette
Revue panorama Ansco Pix Panorama
Revue quickshot
Revue slimshot
Revue Zoom 28AF
Revue Zoom Date Flash Fujica Zoom Date


Name Original
Revue AC 3 Chinon CE-4s
Revue AC 3s Chinon CE-4s (with elements of Chinon CE-5 like autofocus contacts)
Revue AC 4 Chinon CP-5 Twin Program
Revue AC 5 Chinon CP-7m
Revue AC-6AF Chinon CP-9AF
Revue AC 7 Yashica 107MP
Revue AC 8 Yashica 108MP
Revue ALPA 10d ALPA 10d
Revue AM Mamiya ZE-2
Revue AT-m Cosina CT9
Revue Auto-Reflex Konica Autoreflex
Revue Auto-Reflex P Konica Autoreflex P
Revue Autoreflex TTL Konica Autoreflex T
Revue Auto-Lux 35 Mamiya Auto-Lux 35
Revue AX3 Chinon CA-4s
Revue B.C. 2 Pentacon Praktica BMS
Revue DF-300 Seagull DF-300
Revue FX4 Pentacon Praktica PL nova IB
Revue ML Pentacon Praktica MTL 5 B
Revue Reflex Cds Ricoh 35 Flex CDs
Revue SC 3 Chinon CM-4s
Revue SC 4 Cosina CT1 Super (black)
Revue SC 4-m Cosina CT1 Super (chrome)
Revue SC5 Cosina C1s
Revue SC 5 auto Cosina C2
Revue Solar 100 Cosina E1 Solar (= Ricoh XR Solar)
Revue Superflex TTL Chinonflex TTL
Revue SR Konica FP
Revue TTL Konica Autoreflex T
Revue V6 Petri penta v6
Revue X-4M Mamiya ZE-X


Revueflex KMZ Zenit 3M
Revueflex 1000S Chinon cs
Revueflex 1000S TTL Chinonflex TTL
Revueflex 1001 Chino (chrome, unique design eg different prism housing)
Revueflex 2000 CL Chinon CX (chrome)
Revueflex 2002 Chinon CX II (chrome, unique design eg different prism housing)
Revueflex 3000 SL Chinon CX (black)
Revueflex 3000 SM Chinon CX II (black)
Revueflex 3003 Chinon CX II (black, unique design eg different prism housing)
Revueflex 4000EE Chinon CE Memotron
Revueflex 4004 Chinon CE II Memotron (black, unique design eg different prism housing, sold with 1.7 / 55 lens)
Revueflex 5000EE Chinon CE II Memotron
Revueflex 5005 Chinon CE II Memotron (black, unique design eg different prism housing, sold with 1.4 / 55 lens)
Revueflex AC1 Chinon CE-3 Memotron
Revueflex AC 2 Chinon CE-4
Revueflex ACX Chinon CA-4
Revueflex B KMZ Zenit B
Revueflex E KMZ Zenit E
Revueflex EE 303 Cosina Hi-Lite ECL
Revueflex EM KMZ Zenit EM
Revueflex LTL Virgin Edixa Prismaflex LTL
Revueflex reflex BL Pentacon Praktica LB
Revueflex reflex TL Pentacon Praktica LTL
Revueflex S 200 Pentacon Praktica L2
Revueflex SC 1 Chinon CM-1 / AM-1 / CM-3
Revueflex SC 2 Chinon CM-4
Revueflex SD 1 Chinon CS-4
Revueflex SL Pentacon Praktica super TL
Revueflex SL 201 Pentacon Praktica LB2
Revueflex SL 301 Cosina 4000S (sold with 1.8 / 50 lens)
Revueflex SLR Chinon SLR
Revueflex SM 302 Cosina Hi-Lite 405
Revueflex T Cosina SLR
Revueflex TL Cosina 1000S
Revueflex TL 1 Pentacon Praktica MTL 3
Revueflex TL 25 Pentacon Praktica MTL 3, Praktica MTL 5
Revueflex TL 202 Pentacon Praktica LTL 3
Revueflex TL 300 Cosina 4000S (sold with 2.8 / 55 lens)
Revueflex TTL Petri ftx

120 film

Name Original
Review 6.6 Salute
Revue 6 × 6 Seagull 4A
Revue C3 Mamiya C3
Revue C33 Mamiya C33
Revue Press Mamiya Press

127 film

Name Original
Optomax-S Komaflex-S

APS film

Name Original
Revue x1 Chinon AP700S
Revue z1

110 film

Name Original
Revue Pocket 10
Revue Pocket 50 Agfamatic 2008
Revue Pocket 202
Revue Pocket 205 Minimatic
Revue Pocket 250
Revue Flash Pocket 300 Agfamatic 3000 Flash Pocket
Revue Pocket 303
Revue Pocket 350 Agfamatic 3008
Revue Pocket 450 Agfamatic 4008
Revue Pocket Flash 25
Revue Pocket FTM Halina telewide
Revue Tele Pocket 150 Agfamatic 1008 telepocket
Revue 300 TW
Revue-matic 110
Revuematic 110-X

126 film

Name Original
Revue-matic 50 Halina speedoflash
Revue-matic 100
Revue-matic 101
Revue-matic 110
Revue-matic 150 EE
Revue-matic 150 Electric
Revue-matic 220
Revue-matic 250
Revue-matic 300 EE
Revue-matic 330
Revue-matic 350 CA Bilora Bilomatic CA
Revue-matic 440
Revue-matic 500 Minolta Autopak 500
Revue-matic Super
Revue standard
Revueflex TLS-C Ricoh 126c-Flex TLS

Instant print

Name Original
Revue Autofocus 660 Polaroid Autofocus 660
Revue Direct 700F Keystone
Review 600 Polaroid One Step 600
Review 640 Polaroid One Step Flash
Review 1001 Polaroid


  • Revue Disc F 2000
  • Revue Disc F 2002
  • Revue Disc MF 4004
  • Revue Disc MFC 6006


  • Revue 16 (Minolta-16MG)
  • Revue 16KB
  • Revue 250 Rapid

Digital cameras

  • Revue DC 310
  • Revue DC 800
  • Revue DC 2300
  • Revue DC 3330
  • Revue DC 4300
  • Revue DC 4400
  • Revue DC 5100


Adapters for cameras and lenses

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