Meike, founded in 2005, is headquartered in Hong Kong and has branches in mainland China.


After many years of efforts, we have developed into a professional manufacturer of advanced photographic and cinematographic equipment. We have over 20 professional and technical staff, over 200 production and sales staff, which enables us to provide high quality products and services. We integrate research and development, production and sales into one unit through ISO9001: 2015 quality management system certification.

The fact that we have obtained such certifications as CE, FCC, ROHS allows us to produce products with high efficiency, energy saving and reliability.

We mainly serve the market of Nikon, Canon and Sony camera users with a wide range of products such as cine lenses, photo lenses, mount adapters, battery grips, extension cords.

Today is an era of change, as well as an era of innovation. We are committed to providing our customers with first-class products and services using our advanced technology, reliable quality and scientific management. Driven by the spirit of "pragmatic innovation, superior creativity", we will strive to become one of the most popular enterprises in photography.

Meike Lenses

  1. Meike 3.5mm f / 2.8 Circular Fisheye
  2. Meike 6-11mm f / 3.5 Fisheye
  3. Meike 6.5mm f / 2 Circular Fisheye
  4. Meike 8mm f / 3.5 Fisheye
  5. Meike 12mm f / 2.8
  6. Meike 25mm f / 2
  7. Meike 25mm f / 1.8
  8. Meike 28mm f / 2.8
  9. Meike 35mm f / 1.7
  10. Meike 35mm f / 1.4
  11. Meike 50mm f / 1.7
  12. Meike 50mm f / 1.2
  13. Meike 50mm f / 2
  14. Meike 85mm f / 2.8 Macro
  15. Meike 85mm f / 1.8

Adapters for cameras and lenses

Sometimes I buy photographic equipment from the USSR and not only. You can offer your write me. Help the project: 5469 1200 1062 4624. Comments can be left without registration and SMS

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