I finally got there and edited a video comparison of two Soviet lenses - Helios 44M-4 (on Sony NEX-5) and Helios 44M-6 MC (on Sony NEX-C3). Despite the fact that the video was shot on a camera with a cropped matrix, the lenses show good image quality. Despite the fierce antiquity of these lenses, it is safe to say again that these are the very glasses that can still be used for their intended purpose without fear for the image quality. This is an eternal technique that will delight you for more than a dozen years. These are not Chinese plastic disposable crafts, in which autofocus is present only nominally. With these lenses, you can defend and attack. And then shoot again. By the way, the resolution of these glasses allows you to shoot 4K video on a crop. I will definitely make some samples of 4k recording. The video was shot in order to make it clear what is shooting, after all, not a technique, but a photographer.

The settings are as follows for cameras:

  • NEX-5 - AutoISO, Aperture Priority, 1920 x 1080 AVCHD, MF, Monitor
  • Nex-C3 - AutoISO, Aperture Priority, 720p, MF, FocusPeaking (Medium), Monitor

The maximum shutter speed is 1 \ 4000, and the minimum ISO is 200. Therefore, in sunny weather, at an open aperture, overexposure is obtained, which is not compensated by the settings, since they are beyond the capabilities of cameras. As for the rest, it is worth noting that focusing in video mode is more convenient on the Nex-C3 due to FocusPeaking.

Helios 44M-4 on Sony NEX-5 vs Helios 44M-6 MC on Sony NEX-C3


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