Shabby full frame Canon 5D Mark IIreleased in the distant 2008g, from hand to ANCESTRAL can be bought for 40-45 thousand rubles. The camera is 10 years oldand consumer digital photography is only 20 years old. Since then, the technology has made a huge leap forward! СТОИТ ли БРАТЬ «динозавра» с большим сенсором или все таки взять новый, современный, продвинутый аппарат, но с «кропнутым» сенсором (меньшего размера)? Аппарату 10 лет, mileage shutter suspended 2 times, i.e. his change already needed and this is 15000r !!! The camera itself is all dirty and scratched, there is no living space on the display! And the seller has enough conscience to write - "In perfect technical and external condition" !!


I must say that he is alive in a good condition a full-frame camera on the used market will cost at 60'000r. Это Canon 5D Mark III, Canon 6D II, Nikon D610, Nikon D610, Sony A7 II.

Killed fotiki with more than 100 thousand runs, or completely old irrelevant rubbish like Nikon D700 (12MP) or Sony A850 is EXACTLY NOT WORTH taking! BUT still hypothetically I can take underwhelmed Canon 5D Mark II for 40'000r! Is it worth it? Or take a brand new Nikon D5500 body for 38'000r?


Any novice photographer thirsts for him, because he thinks that THIS WITH HIM, EVERYTHING WILL IMMEDIATELY CHANGE, the level of photos will immediately grow! This is not true! It all depends on your knowledge and skills and ... EVERYTHING! Of course it's easier to think that you just need to pay and get a better camera, and a more cool picture will be added to it! BUT THIS WILL NOT BE!


Слева Crop with 35mm lens and f / 1,4, and on the right full frame with 50mm lens and f / 1.4 The difference is in the man with the packages in the background. Full frame blurs the background a little more and that's it!

The further technologies go, the more they develop, the more perfect they become! From the point of view of matrices - they are less and less noisy and the dynamic range becomes more and more (i.e. more data in light and dark areas can be saved)! In this case, you can more lighten dark areas without the appearance of noise and artifacts!


The larger the sensor, the larger the pixels, i.e. the sensor makes less noise, because more light gets, and the dynamic range and colors are better! Plus blurs the background more! BUT THIS IS UNDER THE CONDITION THAT THE SENSORS ARE RELEASED AT THE SAME TIME!

Therefore, an interesting picture is obtained, the small "APS-C" sensor released in 2016-2018 will make less noise than the Big Senosor released in 2006-2009. The same can be said about color and brightness difference! Moreover, many "APS-C" sensors of 2017 shoot on the head better than their full-frame counterparts 10 years ago!


Canon 5D MarkIII имеет почти тот же самый сенсор что и 5D MarkII, его лишь чуть чуть доработали. А вот Canon 5D MarkIV уже имеет действительно новый сенсор и разница видна! Заметьте как в принципе Canon уступает по качеству матрицам Sony, которые стоят в Nikon!

You can compare any cameras on this site

We look: There was no 5D MarkII on the site, but we know that ugly marketing Canon и что, когда в 2012г пришла пора менять 5D MarkII на MarkIII поменяли все кроме сенсора, его лишь чуть доработали ( но по сути ничего не поменяв и это тот же сенсор 2008г просто с новым процессором) ! Поэтому качество изображение почти тоже. Обратите внимание какая разница в шумах между кропом Nikon D5500 и более старым полным кадром Canon!! А 5D MarkV — вышедший в 2017г демонстрирует уже положительную разницу и очень заметную! And even the cropped Canon 80D -2016 shoots several times better than its “BIG” brother from 2008!

Notice how Canon lags behind Sony in technology, all cameras including Nikon have Sony sensors. A Canon develops matrices for itself. Therefore, given the worse picture, (Nikon / Sony crop shoots better than Canon full frame!) I do not recommend Canon cameras in principle!


Are there any PROS to the ancient full frame?

Since the Canon 5D MarkII was a member of the camera class "For serious amateurs" and was quite expensive in 2008! Then she has some not very significant, but pluses!

Ergonomics! A more serious camera has more buttons on the body, in order NOT to climb the menu every time! Also has more wheels to control all parameters separately!


Видите у 5D больше кнопочек и колесиков, так как она находится классом выше! Так же камера более высокого класса имеет влагозащиту, в дождь и туман можно снимать не боясь ничего ( если линза водозащищенная тоже)! И она более прочная и стойкая к повреждениям!

YES, and as a rule, the battery in cameras of this class is larger, but buying on the second-hand market, the battery will already be half-dead.

And of course the full frame blurs the background a little more!


Left KROP, right FULL frame

And in the bottom line, the "ancient full frame" only brings us more convenient controls and a slightly more blurred background! AND EVERYTHING!


And we lose a LOT!

First, and this is very important - we are losing in image quality! The new cropped Nikon D5500 shoots better than the old Canon 5D Mark II! That is, with the new camera, I can shoot in more difficult conditions, and I will get better quality in post processing!

Autofocus, old cameras had junk! Canon 5D Mark II sucked it (believe me, I shot hundreds of weddings with it)! The new cameras have more cross-type focusing points and allow you not to perforate with a center point, but to choose the one you need! And yet all the lateral points work great! Including the center one, it allows you to focus in darker conditions!

More advanced and modern standards!

Nikon D5500 sensor does not have Anti-Alias ​​filter, those. the picture is much sharper than that of conventional matrices, even with a whale lens!

В камеру встроен WI-FI и вы можете сразу же сбросить фотографию на телефон! очень удобно в отпуске, или если вы блогер, да и в принципе сейчас это более чем актуально! Ведь смартфон позволяет хорошо обработать на месте, и не ехать домой к компьютеру! Если вы например, Wedding photographer, then if you immediately throw a photo on the spot to the makeup artist, or to the bridesmaids, they will be so "happy" that they will remember you forever!

Display better quality and moreover he SENSORY! что гораздо упрощает навигацию и управление! Плюс older cameras use outdated CF memory cardsthat you can't stick anywhere else! Whereas the new cameras allow you to insert MicroSD (with an adapter), which can be used in any device!

And if, nevertheless, ergonomics, moisture resistance and a more tenacious battery are more important, add 20tr, and for 60'000 rubles, buy a new Canon 80D! It has not only all the advantages of new cameras (autofocus, wifi, etc.), but also the advantages of old ones. And even with the more expensive price tag of the 80D (although if you get a 5DII in good condition it will cost the same amount) overall you will still get better picture quality and still save money! Why?

We consider the kit as a whole!

After all without optics, the camera does not shoot! You also have to buy a lens! And we know that the more matrix, the stronger the requirements for optics! Full frame requires higher quality lenses!

The better the lens, the more expensive it is!


Слева 35/1,4 для кропа, справа 35/1,4 для полного кадра! Разница в весе и размере ощутима! Чем больше matrix, the larger the lens! More lens - more glass and materials needed! The more expensive it is!

FULL frame lenses cost 2-4 times more than crop lenses!

For example bright standard zoom Sigma ART 24-70 / 2,8 for a full frame will cost 80'000 rub. Analogue for crop will Sigma 17-50 / 2.8 and its price 25'000 rub.

If you totally economize and buy bad optics for the "prehistoric full frame", then it makes sense to buy this full frame !? The quality of the picture will be complete shit! Keep in mind that it makes sense to take a full frame only for the sake of expensive optics! Otherwise it makes no sense!


Buying an old camera, thinking that "Well, THIS IS A FULL FRAME and even MARK!" by the bottom line buy old junk, which is no better than new, more budgetary cameras!

By the way, about the MARKs, ALWAYS read the article THIS!

Moreover! For the crop, special lenses are produced, which are not available for the full frame! These are f / 1,8 zooms that will allow you to get a picture as in a full frame and not raise the iso!

Sigma 18-35mm f / 1.8 and Sigma 50-100mm f / 1.8


Sigma's unique f / 1.8 crop zoom!

It is better to take a camera for easier and good optics than vice versa! Otherwise, a good camera and bad optics will make the picture look bad!

And of course, if you are engaged in commercial photography, then the conversation is different ;-)

Article author - Photographer Stanislav Ivanitsky
Stanislav is not only professionally engaged in photography, but also publishes useful videos on your YouTube channel

14 Comments on "Old" full frame "OR modern, brand new CROP?
  1. In fact, all DSLRs are ancient junk, so I don't see much comparison here. Everything seems to be correct, but ff has more advantages, there you can crop the image very strongly.
    And there is a choice of point on Canon 5dM2, why would he not be there?

    1. The most indisputable advantage of the FF is a large sensor area, and, accordingly, a large illumination, respectively, an extended ISO range for filming. The advantage of the crop is just the scaling of the shopping mall. the pixel density is higher and the viewing angle is smaller. Accordingly, the DOF is thicker and the focusing object is clearer at the same apertures.

  2. “I filmed more than one hundred weddings on it” - the whole point of the article in a couple of words. I have rarely seen model / portrait / landscape and other photographers with a mirrorless camera. It's simple - a crop for artisans, a full frame for art.

  3. Well, if the author does not see the difference, how much more voluminous and proportional photographs are, that there are less perspective distortions, then really, why does he need a full frame. And with any even the slightest lack of light, big problems arise, color porridge and noise already at ISO400. To just take decent photos of my family on NG, I have to use flash, synchronizer and softbox. Night cityscape from a tripod - you can forget. The matrix does not hold even at ISO100, distorted colors, small dd and noise. More or less, you can shoot portraits or animals with a crop in good light (mysterious semi-dark portraits in low light will not work), the subject is not bad. In short, it is not a universal tool, and even for amateur photography you have to constantly get out and have a lot of priblud with you.

  4. The whole article is complete nonsense, the author does not understand the difference between crop / ff and does not understand at all what is the focal length of lenses.
    As a result, he compares the round with the square.
    The only advantage of ff is that ff will take a larger area into the frame with one lens with one focal length. Everything.
    Do you think this is not enough? No. On a 85 mm crop, lenses are almost impossible to use indoors, but on ff - please!
    A 35mm landscape on a crop - nothing will fit, but on ff - quite yourself!

    1. Do you understand that the crop contains all the focal lengths that are used in FF? That is, instead of 85mm, we take 50mm in the crop, and in general indoors, it is better to do with 35-24mm glasses, which are also produced for APS-C. And then the question is - is it necessary to pay twice or three times more for a full frame, if you can always find an analogue with a more modern filling?

  5. Probably the new crop of shadows will pull better at low ISO thanks to the new processor, the fool understands. But shooting at high ISO for crop cameras is weak!

  6. Profanation and marketing. All other things being equal, 80d merges a full-length 5d mark II to a beaten vetran runner. Turn off the noise reduction and look at the porridge already at iso 600. I don't even mention the volume. Dynamic range - yes, a bunch of focus points and a double cross in the center - yes…. this is where the superiority of the eighty ends. Ergonomics ... here 80d will appreciate only gentle female hands. Does not lie in the hands. The joystick was removed. With so many focusing points, only a pest could do ... .. without going into mate, the opinion of a person who has both: it is very early to bury mark ii. Well, the question is, will the 80d shutter survive at least half of what goes in the brand….

    1. Yes, that's right, even the canon1d mark ii gives excellent shots at 24-105 L, the only minus compared to the 50d is the dynamic sensitivity range. Test 5d mark iii, but for creativity I stopped at the old one. The governing bodies are super. In my shallow hand it is normal, and without a trivial battery handle, finally. ISO immediately on the wheel finally without a button. 8.5 mph is art tolerant even in 2021! Back crop 1.6 - on (snapped) th .. Take a 1d series and feel what you will never feel with a crop of a 2-digit series. There is nothing better than the one-digit Canon series. This is not an advertisement, but an experiment with cameras. Filmed commerce and reportage on 50d and suffered in due time.

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