"Photography should be available to every citizen, because only through creativity and knowledge of the world around you can a soul be infused into a rough proletarian body." 

В 2012, when the project was born, I faced a big problem of choice. The choice of technique for photography. It was a wild time - a lot of information in "bird", even if it is written in Russian letters. Then cameras like 300D, 400D were in use, and Canon 1DS was considered almost the top in the world of digital 35mm photography. Then smartphones appeared and began to rapidly squeeze the market from cameras, and then mirrorless cameras began to regain their dominance in the market. What hasn't changed since then? Stable optics market. A lot of new systems came out, with different lenses, but they all have one thing in common - the ability to install old optics through inexpensive adapters.

ВIn general, "photography" and "inexpensive" are not, by definition, compatible. Many examples can be collected from other areas, of course, but all of them will not be entirely correct. Photography is different. These are the moments that you want to capture. This is a picture that you want to make better, albeit with affordable means. The available means for many of the beginners and intermediate are the optics of the Soviet period, but not only the USSR and the GDR, but also various other countries. Since the site appeared, I have met many people who are fascinated by photography as deeply and for a long time as me. And many of them faced problems. And the problems are very commonplace - in the so-called zamkadye stores sell consumer goods. Photography is a piece goods, for an amateur. Here "quickly sold" (not leaked, namely, sold) a camera or lens, this is three or four months, or even more. For business, the faster the money is wrapped, the better. There is no way to just leave the house, and in the neighboring yard and look, touch, try on a camera or lens.

В There are a lot of companies in Millions that you can contact and rent equipment to understand everything you need. In the regions, there is no such possibility. Here you can successfully touch various types of bread in Magnit, or Chinese crosses from Uncle Ashot's stall, but not photographic equipment. Hasselblad spoken in a public place sounds like a curse. And I don’t want newbies to run into problems that I am facing. I didn't understand anything. I did not understand what exactly this or that glass can do. And this series of race for technology has led to only one discovery. Technique is nothing. Well, almost nothing. The photographer is shooting. You need to download your skill, and technique only when your skill has already been pumped. Of course, you can download everything at the same time, if you have time and enough resources. But resources are scarce all the time.

[PRO] PHOTO is, first of all, an exchanger. For example, I have not posted a photo on the portal for a long time without color correction. I want the person choosing a lens to see a picture of what glass can do and what can be squeezed out of it. Let not always examples are successful. This pushes to develop and look for ways for self-development in the world of photography. Do not bother with technical aspects, but delve more into the creative component of the process.

Thank you for attention.