Taki got out recently in Krokhino, this is the Temple on the water near the White Lake. Its conservation and restoration has been carried out since 2012. In July, I came across a woman who went there on business, well, she told everything. There are a lot of changes, and for volunteers, accommodation there is now much more convenient than in the same 2014, when I last visited - the island is filled, surrounded on all sides and tightly separated from the water. There is a bridge leading to the camp ashore, there is a kitchen, several trailers for accommodation, and, most importantly, a bathhouse.

The Temple has a very interesting history - it was miraculously not blown up during the construction of the Volga-Balt, and for some time it was used as a lighthouse. In this building there was a club, a tractor service, a warehouse. Then, for a long time, it stood in the water and slowly collapsed. The largest number of destructions has occurred over the past 20 years, but since 2014, thanks to the dedicated work of the charitable foundation and volunteers coming from all over the country, the Temple has not been destroyed.

If anything, it is located at a considerable distance from civilization, we go to the crossing to Liping Bor along the ideal (except for the last 10 km) road, which is being repaired this year (it will be completely covered with asphalt), and then by boat. project site - krokhino.ru.

As usual, there is enough work for everyone in abundance, but I had enough time to look around and shoot. I have long wanted to rediscover night photography, and so I did. I was about to go to bed, but nature thought that sleep was for the weak and drove the storm front.
And so it happened, something like this. on handicapped camera and wide angle lens)

In the VK group Krokhino. Unflooded Stories
you can ask how to become a volunteer.

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