Here is a very quick guide to accessing the aperture of the Voigtlander 50mm F1.5 Nokton Leica M mount lens.

The picture below shows the parts removed in order from left to right: mounting ring, frame ring, retaining ring unscrewed counterclockwise, rangefinder transmission ring, three metal spacers.

I removed these parts when looking for an option to unscrew the rear glass module. At this point, it becomes clear that you need to use the wrench at the points marked in green to unscrew the rear module in a counter-clockwise direction. You can do this without first removing all those parts that I removed.

ATTENTION: do not unscrew the innermost retaining ring - it holds the glass, unscrewing it will lose the centering of the lens. Use the wrench exactly where the green arrows are - this is the second ring from the center.

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After unscrewing the rear module, you will have access to the diaphragm and the inner surfaces of the glass, where fine dust particles can migrate over time.

s2017 04 10 1949 504

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