Today I'm taking apart a compact Pergear 35mm F1.2 APS-C manual focus lens in the Fuji X mount. The lens mechanics work fine, but I'm interested to see how it works. I'd also like to see if there's a way to enter stop stops for the aperture, similar to how it can be done in the 7Artisans 35mm F1.2.



Disassembly steps

It looks like the front plate of the lens Pergear 35mm F1.2 can hold the lens under it, so I'm skipping the front view for now to keep the factory setting. So let's start the disassembly from the back. First I unscrew the three bolts from the mounting ring.


What's interesting is that the mounting ring is heavy and probably made of brass, which is nice to see. I unscrew another set of three bolts and remove the black ring.


At this stage, there is already access to the diaphragm ring and the diaphragm ring drive. I have seen a similar design 7Artisans 35mm F2 lens. Now carefully remove the outer diaphragm ring.


To remove the aperture drive ring, unscrew the brass bolt.


Then focus the lens to infinity and carefully remove the aperture ring. During reassembly, make sure the lens is focused back to infinity and properly install the transfer ring on the module's brass bolt.


I partially unscrew the three small bolts on the focus ring, and it can be easily removed. Pergear engineers use a classic helicoid design, and it's great that the internal surface of the helicoid thread is anodized. This design makes it easy to manual focus calibration. There is a lot of lubrication in all friction points, all parts are precisely machined and sit very close to each other.


It is quite difficult to implement lock-on aperture switching here. The lens is very small and it's hard to find a place to put the tiny ball and spring.



Personally, I am very pleased with the high precision of the lens mechanics in the Pergear 35mm F1.2. The helicoid is made using brass guides and anodized surfaces. All parts are also completely metal, thick and durable. It is very easy to open the lens and change the lubricant.

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