Helios-44 is often criticized for being unsharp, does not tolerate backlight and side light, losing contrast, and, compared to modern autofocus lenses, is generally inconvenient. I understand these people, because if it is possible to shoot with top-end autofocus optics, then any junk like Helios is not needed. Nevertheless, these lenses are now the most balanced optics in terms of price and quality. In addition, it is the cheapest remake of the original biotar on the market in the world.Helios 44M 44/2 | overview with examples of photos

It was less than 40 minutes before sunset. The sun is already so low on the horizon that its rays create an interesting and indescribable atmosphere, and the light in which portraits are best obtained. This time is called "golden hour". While we were gathering, in addition, the sun went behind a cloud and turned out to be a huge diffuser.

I didn’t have to choose a place, the shooting was not in the city, but outside the city. There was a path, and on it, in fact, filmed. Summer, heat, grass. During the golden hour, the magic of the environment lies in the fact that everything that is lit by the sun has warm hues, and everything that is not is getting colder by the minute. The background already has a temperature difference relative to the model's skin, and this creates more emphasis on the portrait.

Processing frames of a series (30 pieces) took no more than 20 minutes. No photoshop, just coloring. I was satisfied with the result. There was very little marriage. Shooting with old optics, although it requires some skill, is still not worth writing off the old equipment completely.

I have a lot of old lenses for every taste and color in my a separate section of the site.

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