Camera for shooting through flexible and rigid endoscopes. Surprise MT-1 was created on the basis of ZENIT-19, was also presented for sale as an ordinary small-format camera called ZENIT-MT1 Surprise.

ZENIT Surprise MT-1

The camera was supplied in two configurations - for rigid and flexible endoscopes. For flexible endoscopes such as Quartz-MT, Bracelet-MT, Puchok-MT, the camera was supplied without lenses, for rigid endoscopes — with two lenses. It had an imprinter - numbers from “1” to “31” were imprinted, which could be used as frame numbers in automatic imprinting mode, or in the form of a set of randomly selected numbers in manual mode, which was carried out when the frame was not completely rewound, for which the cocking lever there were marks indicating which familiarity of the frame will be imprinted. There is no exposure meter in the camera.

ZENIT Surprise MT-1

Family name: "MT" - "Medical Equipment". Specialized small format single-lens automated reflex cameras.
The first specialized cameras for medical needs were made on the basis of the ZENIT-V camera and received the prefix "E" (endoscopic) to the index. Due to the fact that these cameras nevertheless did not have the characteristics necessary for medical equipment, in 1974, a special medical camera "Surprise-MT" was created on the basis of the ZENIT-16 SLR camera, and then, after replacing the camera " ZENIT-16" at "ZENIT-19" in 1982, the production of a medical camera for flexible endoscopes "Surprise-MT-1" began.

  • Film: type 135, perforated, 35 mm wide
  • Frame format: 18×24 mm
  • Lenses: Industar-50MT 7/50, Mir-25MT 3,5/30 (both focused at infinity)
  • Lens frame: bayonet (used in the ZENIT-D camera)
  • Focusing screen: in the center there are two concentric circles with a diameter of 3 and 3,07 mm (annular bisector)
  • Linear viewfinder image field: 16,5×16,5mm
  • Shutter: Focal, lamellar, vertical shutter movement
  • Shutter speeds: 1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/30, 1/60, 1/125, 1/250, 1/500 s, (on camera parts: 1/1000 s ), B and long
  • Full frame opening: 1/60s
  • The sensitivity range of the applied films (for the imprinter): from 16 to 500 GOST
  • Tripod socket: 1/4″
  • Overall dimensions with Industar-50MT lens: 140×103×100 mm
  • Overall dimensions with Mir-25MT lens: 140×103×128 mm
  • Power supply: 5 elements RTs-53
  • Weight without lens and without case: 0,69 kg

In the early 1990s, a batch of cameras Surprise MT-1 with a lens mount converted to the M42 × 1 thread appeared in the regular sale. Cameras did not have a shutter speed of 1/1000 с, there was a socket for attaching flash lamps, they were equipped with ordinary standard lenses.
The origin of the batch of cameras is somewhat vague and not fully understood.

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3 comments to "ZENIT Surprise MT-1"
  1. Somehow very Soviet, to make a camera that shoots 72 frames (nominally) on a standard film, but with imprinted numbers up to 31.
    But yes, it's hard to forget that moment when you pick up Zenith with the intriguing name Surprise, open the back cover - and from there half of the film channel looks at you. Surprise, so surprise.

      1. Other numbers, however, were suggested to be typed manually, either up to 6 digits, or up to 12. I would rather believe that this is a “solid-drawn” scheme from some foreign analogues. Connecting the back cover through the sync contact also hints at this (that there is an original product in the form of a replaceable back cover for some cameras, but I don’t know of domestic ones).

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