A film camera for instant photography made by Polaroid in the 90s.

Polaroid instant cameras were intended for the widest range of users, simplicity and ease of operation made it possible to take pictures without being a photographer and without knowledge in the field of photography. A special advantage was that there was no need for laboratory processing of the film, as well as printing in a photo lab. It was enough just to press the button and get an instant colorful photo.

It was with these cameras that all the pictures that we remember so well from childhood were taken in the 90s.

Made in the UK.

Polaroid released several identical models in this color variant. The name SUN 600, Supercolor, Spirit 600, Lightmixer 600, LM, LMS and others can be printed on the front panel of the camera, this is the same camera, the inscription on the front panel may vary.

Examples of POLAROID photos here.

Polaroid Spirit 600 6 Polaroid Spirit 600 5 Polaroid Spirit 600 4 Polaroid Spirit 600 3 Polaroid Spirit 600 2 Polaroid Spirit 600 1


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