For Industar-50 reflex, Industar-50 rangefinder, as well as Industar-50-2 for SLR cameras with M42x1 thread, disassembly and maintenance have approximately the same steps, and the result is quite easily obtained.

Industar-50 is easy to disassemble, does not require special skills other than attentiveness. To lubricate the thread along which the helicoid moves, it is only necessary to apply lubricant to its protruding part on the back of the lens. Complete disassembly takes less than 5 minutes - the number of elements in the lens is minimal. The only special tool that will be useful for complete disassembly is a special screwdriver for the lens frame (essentially a double flat screwdriver on a rigid frame).

instrument dlya razborki objektiva

If you have a rangefinder version of the lens, you must first unscrew the spacer with the rangefinder pusher. It sits on a thread and is secured with 3 screws.

Industar 50 razbor 17

So, in order to lubricate the lens helicoid and improve the smoothness of the focus ring, you must:

Industar 50 razbor 16

Set focus ring to infinity

Industar 50 razbor 18

  • Apply some lubricant to the exposed threads on the back of the lens
  • "Drive" the focus ring from MDF to infinity several times
  • Set lens to minimum focusing distance
  • Apply some lubricant to the exposed part of the external thread of the helicoid
  • "Drive" the focus ring from MDF to infinity several times
  • Done.

To service the diaphragm ring, you must:

Turn the diaphragm ring counterclockwise

Industar 50 razbor 20

Under the focus ring, if anything, there is nothing interesting

Industar 50 razbor 19

  • If it doesn’t work, then try to spin the washer with two recesses at the back
  • If it still doesn’t work, spill a washer with some kind of deoxidizer and again try to turn the diaphragm ring counterclockwise.

The ring has a direct connection with the lens block, so it will start to scroll.

Industar 50 razbor 21

  • We unscrew the lens block
  • We unscrew the stop-drive of the diaphragm

Removing the aperture ring

Industar 50 razbor 22

If there is no need to climb inside the lens, then remove the old grease

Industar 50 razbor 24

and put on a new one

Industar 50 razbor 25

If the petals are in oil - using a special tool, unscrew the front and rear gluing / lens block, and wash the lens block tube in a degreaser

Industar 50 razbor 23

Putting it up in the reverse order.

Industar 50 razbor 26

Industar-50 disassembly and maintenance on video

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