FED 3,5 / 50 (Industar-10), Industar-22, Industar-50 tube disassembly and maintenance

All of the above lenses have a single disassembly principle, with the exception of some minor differences in design. By and large, in order for the aperture control module to fall out, the lens must be disconnected. The output is a tube separately, a rear lens block separately, a front lens block and a diaphragm drive ring - the third part of this action. The general disassembly looks like this:

  • Loosen/unscrew the front bezel screw (side slot)
  • Pull out the diffuser skirt (such a black one) from the tube
  • Unscrew the connecting ring with a special tool, inside the tube
  • Unscrew the locking screw on the tube body from the outside
  • Unscrew the ring outside the frame with the marking (the screw has already been loosened / unscrewed)
  • The lens will break into several parts

To maintain the helicoid, it is more convenient to install the body on the camera after lubricating the protruding part of the thread and drive the lens from infinity to the MDF several times until a smooth move appears.

  • Next, unscrew the diaphragm ring stopper
  • We remove the ring
  • We remove the old and apply new grease.
  • Assembly in reverse order

FED 3,5 / 50 (Industar-10), Industar-22, Industar-50 tube disassembly and maintenance on video

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