Boke Wave-9 can hardly be called artistic, and in the case of shooting portraits, the back must be worked out. to eliminate unnecessary details from the background, or to avoid scales.

MC Volna-9 2.8 / 50 macro | review with examples of photos

Aperture preset can be used on modern cameras, but for me, for example, it was not useful. The viewfinder of the Sony A7 camera allows you to immediately see the finished picture, and there is no need to focus on the open aperture, and then close it to the required value.

MC Volna-9 2.8 / 50 macro | review with examples of photos

Lens Sharpness very good starting, again at f/4. It copes well with backlight and flare from sources in the frame. Of course, these are the technologies of the eighties, and now lenses come straight from the tray with excellent enlightenment and work in backlight, but then, I think, it was not just the users of this product who gave this lens good quality characteristics. Actually, the references show how the lens works with artificial light sources.


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