MC Helios 44M-4 2/58 - multicoated version of the lens Helios 44M-4. It is less common than the regular version. Works best with light sources in the frame.

MC Helios 44M-4 2/58 does not differ mechanically from Helios 44M-4 2/58. The abbreviation MC (multi coating) indicates the presence of multilayer enlightenment. Also, as in the case of the regular version of the lens, it is great for the role of a manual staffer and a portrait lens. The same data for the minimum focusing distance, similar control. Thanks to multi-enlightenment, the sharpness in the center and edge has slightly increased, but even if you get a regular Helios, you should not be upset, because the image quality of the regular Helios 44M-4 is at a high level.

MC Helios 44M-4 2/58 in appearance resembles Pentacon 50 production of the GDR, only the processing is rougher. When you hold these two lenses in your hands, the difference is noticeable and striking. Of course, the German is more pleasant to handle, since the finer surface treatment gives the product not only a pleasant appearance, but also excellent consumer properties. The rotation of the rings is smoother, the ratchet of the diaphragm ring is not a ratchet at all, but a ratchet - switching values ​​​​occurs with much less effort.

Sharpness according to the specifications of the regular version, and recalculated by P. Lapin for the use of multi-layer translucency (the hero of the review):

  • Helios-44M-4 - 38/19 lines/mm
  • MC Helios-44M-4 - 41/20 lines / mm

I have worked with many lenses of the Helios-44M series, and I will say that the difference in the presence and absence of multi-layer coating has little effect on the picture. Image quality, of course, is not like that of modern lenses, but for shooting portraits, for example, with a wonderful background blur and a slight touch of retro, all lenses are suitable in one way or another in the same way.

The Helios-44M will be the most soft-drawing, it is desirable to aperture it by half a step (to an intermediate value) between f / 2 and f / 2.8, because in the open one can often observe a soft effect, which is not always so necessary. However, if you arm yourself with tools, you can fix this. It is not for nothing that the opinion arose that the lens of the lens is different.

This is the case, in fact, since the main requirements in the production of lenses were manufacturability, unification and undemanding compliance with manufacturing tolerances. But, for example, previously considered not quite high-quality Helios-44-2 Jupiter factory in Valdai, subsequently mass-produced there, and high-quality lenses are already Helios-44M, 4M-4 and 44M-6 (including those with multilayer enlightenment) produced by the Valdai plant, Jupiter comes across many times more than the "original" Krasnogorsk . By the way, Krasnogorsk lenses are often found with a plastic inner diaphragm drive ring.

Light transmission coefficient:

  • Helios-44M-4 - 0,80
  • MC Helios-44M-4 - 0,85

Thanks to multi-coating, MC Helios 44M-4 transmits more light. After reading the following articles, you can understand what to expect from the lens as a whole.

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