Disassembling Industar-61 is a very simple matter and even not at all funny if the lens was not understood before you. The disassembly algorithm is identical to Industar-26M glass in the late (transitional to Industar-61 and I-61) case. Things to do for ten minutes - soak the screws with a WD-shkoy, and sequentially disassemble, starting from the back. However, I came across a glued and killed copy. So much killed that his MDF became about 4 meters. The rings jammed, and the body itself was in some kind of sticky liquid. In general, glass managed to be reanimated after some kind of turning work. You can shoot some fierce game with tinting under the film. How it shoots - yes in the review for the I-61.

The only (or not the only) difficulty in disassembling the I-61 is that the screws in these lenses turn sour. You will also need special. a tool to reach the diaphragm (to remove the inner rings).

In disassembly, that this is a lens, that its counterparts such as Industar-26M and Industar-61 L / D are almost the same. Disassembly for full service starts at the bottom and ends at the top. However, if only the helicoid needs to be serviced, there are three ways:

  1. Remove the focus ring (it is on three screws) and lubricate the accessible thread under the ring. The result may not be satisfactory.
  2. Remove the focus ring, remove the lower part of the lens and unscrew the helicoid, after remembering its location. The option is more radical.
  3. The third way is a more complex variation of the second and is suitable for those who, in addition to a screwdriver, also have a special one. tool for unscrewing the inner rings of the lens. We unscrew the screws of the central part, unscrew the inner ring of the lens and split the lens in half. The helicoid with the focus ring remains in one hand, the lens block with the aperture in the other.

For servicing the helicoid, I prefer the second option. Since, it is often also necessary to renew the lubricant of the focus ring. Therefore, a complete disassembly in the video below and the text description will begin from the bottom of the lens.

  • Unscrew the three screws of the very first lens ring
  • We remove the ring
  • Removing the connecting thread
  • Unscrew the screws outside the focus ring
  • Removing the focus ring
  • We unscrew both stoppers of the helicoid, internal and external
  • We unscrew the outer part of the helicoid, remember at what point the thread broke off, or make a mark
  • Next, unscrew the three screws of the central part of the lens
  • Removing the ring with depth of field marks
  • We remove the internal thread of the helicoid to get to the aperture ring and remove it
  • If the helicoid cannot be removed, then they forgot to unscrew the outer ring that locks the lens block inside the helicoid. It's most likely glued on. A special tool is required and, for example, a nefras in a syringe to soak the glue.
  • After the ring is unscrewed, the helicoid can be easily removed.
  • Remove clamp ring
  • Remove the ratchet clamping ring
  • Unscrew the restrictive ring, after unscrewing the screw that locks the ring on the side. It can be glued, so it should be prudently spilled carefully with nefras.
  • We unscrew the stoppers of the diaphragm ring, remove the ring (or unscrew it). Let's pay attention to the places where the grease was. You will need to apply a new one there.
  • The lens block does not require disassembly if there is no oil inside the diaphragm.
  • We serve. We assemble in reverse order.

Disassembly and repair of I-61 2.8 / 52 (Industar-61) on video


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