On a camera with APS-C sensor (kf = 1.6) the camera will have a field of view equal to the equivalent 800mm focal length, and the aperture will correspond to the value f / 12,5... Why is that? Because, firstly, because of the narrow viewing angle, you will have to move further. Secondly, the camera's sensor receives 1,6 times less light than a full-frame 35mm sensor. Thirdly, although this does not apply to the previous two statements, the lens on the crop has a drop in sharpness due to the denser arrangement of pixels on the matrix and their concentration in the center of the lens.

On a full frame, the lens works as intended - it gives a more flexible picture and corresponding characteristics.

The easiest way to shoot is in the mode Aperture Priority (Av)when the camera adjusts the required shutter speed based on the current aperture value and the light in the frame. To work on digital cameras you will need adapter from the M42x1 threaded connection to your camera.

Sample photos on MTO-500

As for the optical qualities, the MTO-500 is assembled according to a scheme that minimizes aberrations of various orders, this scheme is also called Maksutov-Cassegrain, and it was used mainly in telescopes. In fact, you really can’t say that the image quality is lame in any way, however, the sharpness of this instance, in my opinion, is mediocre. I don’t know what this is connected with - with the subtlety of the release of this particular version of the lens, or disassembly sometime in the past, but the fact is on the face. The image from the MTO-500 in bulk is much better.

At first, a photograph from a smartphone was taken as the basis, there will be an ECV somewhere. 24mm full frame I think.

Adapters for cameras and lenses

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