Sony FE 50mm f1.8 (SEL-50F18F) - lightweight and inexpensive fifty dollars for cameras with Sony E mount

Sony FE 50mm f1.8 (SEL-50F18F) reviews


  • Price (who is looking for a cheaper one will find). Sharpness. Aperture. Weight. And now, in more detail, I found this lens in general in the section of the previous version on the market, at a very attractive price. Despite its “plasticity”, it does not look dumb and is pleasant to the touch. The focus ring is smooth and obedient. Autofocus is fast (firmware version 3.0 out of the box). Manual focus obedient. Photos with proper settings are excellent, with airy “bokeh” and without “blurring” and noise. (but here it depends on the carcass. I use it on Sony a7m3). A separate plus is the video recording, despite the lack of a stabilizer in the glass, the recording on the Sony a7m3 is simply excellent (“cinema”), regardless of the lighting day, night, room, street.


  • Noisy autofocus, you can hear the video when recording, so either an external microphone or post-production..


  • The choice of glasses with such aperture for a full frame is very small, and the price is either 16k or 116k. Perhaps there are better lenses than this, but not many people can afford the “best”. You can scold anything and find cons in everything. But here the pluses are on the face - this "half a piece" is a plus. You should not expect him to make you a top photographer, but to help you get great portraits, still lifes, etc. will help)))
  • For half a year this has been my main glass on a7m2. Portrait photography, landscape photography, street photography, travelling, fifty kopecks can do it all. But if fast autofocus is critical to you or you are very nervous, then the lens will not suit you.
  • Good lens for your money! I took it on Amazon for $ 200 Holds counter well, hood is included. Autofocus is slow, but after flashing the camera and lens it got a little better. If you do not shoot sports and running children, it is quite enough. I recommend to buy, but only at a normal price.
  • Yes, you can buy a Canon STM half-tooth for half the price, but I compared them head-on (I have both systems, and don’t look at DXO) - and Canon merges it clean. Sonya is sharp at the edges already at f1,8, boots at 1,8 the edges are wildly soapy. Especially big difference in the far field. Yes, landscapes, of course, are not shot outdoors - but what if it's dark? The stock does not hold. Portraits are normal for both. The bokeh twists a little, pleasant, sometimes even Helios 44 resembles, but with a more moderate twist. The picture is definitely more interesting and better than the cropped analogue (there are no such XA and higher sharpness). I can’t say anything about slowness, I have the first Sonya, she is a brake in itself. It seemed to me that it focuses rather slowly, but the confirmation works when focusing has not yet completely taken place, which saves a few milliseconds, and I was pleased with the accuracy - there are almost no misses.


  • Lens type standard
  • Focal length of a fixed lens 50 mm
  • Aperture F1.80
  • Minimum aperture F22
  • Sony E mount
  • Auto focus yes
  • Number of elements / groups of elements 6 / 5
  • Number of aperture blades 7
  • Dimensions (D x L) 68.6 x 59.5 mm
  • Weight 186 g


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