Helios-81N 2/50 is a standard lens for Kiev SLR cameras with a frame format of 24 × 36 mm (Nikon F mount) and M42 thread. Produced in versions with single-layer and multi-layer enlightenment (MS)

  • Format: 35mm mirror
  • Type: Fixed focal length (fixed)
  • Focus: Manual focus
  • System: M42, Nikon F (FX, DX)
  • Optical design: 6 elements in 4 groups (planar)
  • FR 52,5 mm
  • 45° field of view
  • diameter 59 mm
  • According to D. Volosov resolution (center/10 mm/20 mm): 52/37/27 lines/mm;
  • according to TU resolution 40/20 lines/mm.

Serially produced by the Kiev plant "Arsenal" in various modifications: Helios-81-automatic, Helios-81M, Helios-81N. Later versions were produced as ARSAT-H 50 mm f / 2 (Ø52). An experimental batch of Helios-81 52 mm f / 2 was also produced at the KMZ factories with a 12-blade aperture and MDF 0.4m.


Helios 81N I personally saw in two modifications. It is interesting to note that the focal length may differ, judging by the markings on the frame, depending on the rounding step of the focal length. It tends to twist the background, but to a lesser extent than Helios 40 or Helios 44.

Lens MC Helios-81N sample photo

Nikon f4s Helios 81n Velvia 100 (Sergey Platonov)

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