Zorkiy-S is a Soviet small-format rangefinder camera, produced from 1955 to 1958 at the Krasnogorsk Mechanical Plant.


Developed on the basis of the "Zorkoy" first model, a sync contact with adjustable lead time from 0 to 25 ms was installed, the shutter release button and the mechanism for turning on the film rewind were changed - as a result, the camera height increased. Issued 472.702 copies.

  • The type of photographic material used is 35 mm perforated photographic film 35 mm wide in standard cassettes. It is possible to use special double-cassette cassettes with a diverging slot. The frame size is 24×36 mm.
  • Film loading - from below (removable bottom cover).
  • The body is made of aluminum alloy.
  • The shutter is mechanical, with a horizontal movement of cloth curtains.
  • Combined shutter cocking and film rewind. You can set shutter speeds both before and after cocking the shutter. Rotating shutter speed head. The release button is threaded for the release cable.
  • Shutter speeds - 1/25, 1/50, 1/100, 1/250, 1/500 s and "B".
  • Lens mount type - threaded connection M39 × 1, working length - 28,8 mm.
  • The standard lens is Industar-22 3,5 / 50, Industar-50 3,5 / 50 (tube or unified) or Jupiter-8 2,0 / 50.
  • The viewfinder is optical, parallax, not combined with a rangefinder. Rangefinder base - 38 mm. The magnification of the viewfinder eyepiece is 0,44×, the rangefinder eyepiece is 1×.
  • Sync contact with adjustable lead time from 0 to 25 ms. Sync speed 1/25 sec.
  • There is no self-timer, self-timer mechanisms were produced separately (mechanical and pneumatic). Such a self-timer was screwed into the hole in the release button, designed for the cable.
  • The camera has a 3/8 ”threaded tripod socket.
  • Price with lens "Industar-22" or "Industar-50" - 28 rubles (in prices after the monetary reform of 1961).

Soviet Camera ZORKIY-S

Unlike the original Zorkoy, this is not an exact copy of the Leica II, but rather a redesign of it. By changing the top cover but retaining the basic Leica design aesthetic, the Zorki-S looks and performs like a quality rangefinder of the time. The Zorki-S has a significant weight, good finish and excellent appearance. The all-metal body consists of a black painted textured center adorned with polished chrome screws and brushed aluminum with lightly brushed controls. Beautifully designed camera and incredible feeling when you hold it in your hands.

Soviet Camera ZORKIY-S

The Zorki-S is one of the first rangefinders to have separate focus and framing windows. The window you're looking at on the left is a rangefinder with a fairly large focusing spot in the center. The window on the right is the framing and viewing window. There are no markings or border lines. Focusing is performed by any mounted lens with an M39 thread. The first mass-produced lens was the Industar-22 50mm f/3,5 folding lens. Leitz Elmar's adaptation is incredible.

Soviet Camera ZORKIY-S

The controls are located on the top of the camera. Winding and cocking is done with a large handle on the right, by turning in the direction of the arrow. We twist until we feel resistance, and then we take a picture. The shutter button has awkward jagged edges, so a screw cap is recommended. Under the crank is a frame counter. It must be set manually and can be adjusted at any time in both directions. After cocking the shutter, you can set the shutter speed. It varies from 1/25 to 1/500 of a second.

Zorkij S 4

Changing the shutter speed when the shutter is not cocked can damage the cocking mechanism. During film cocking and winding, the shutter speed dial rotates counterclockwise. Do not interfere with the shutter speed dial, as this may cause the shutter curtain to hang, and synchronization may be lost. An unfamiliar mechanism under the shutter speed dial - this is what was introduced after the previous Zorkiy - is a flash synchronization dial. With the flash in the shoe and the cable connected to the socket under the crank, the last step to take is to adjust the flash's timing. "C" in Zorkom-S means "Synchrocontact", the disk can change the delay from 0 (zero) to 25 milliseconds. Today, in order for this camera to work with electric flash, you must set the sync speed to 0.

Zorkij S 5

This camera is one of those where the film is loaded from the bottom. To open the lower part of the chamber, it is necessary to tighten the half ring and turn it counterclockwise in the OPEN direction.

Zorkij S 6

The tripod socket is 3/8" instead of 1/4", and you will need an adapter for modern tripods. A tripod socket is built into the bottom cover.

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