Kiev-30 is the successor of the series of the smallest Soviet scale cameras, produced at the Kiev plant "Arsenal" from 1975 to 1987.

kievy arsenal

It was a continuation of the Kiev-Vega and Vega-2 family of cameras. In fact, it represents a modified Vega-2 camera with a frame size increased to 13 × 17 mm.


  • The camera uses 16 mm non-perforated or perforated photographic or film film in a plastic cassette from a Vega-2 camera, which looks like a 110-type cassette. The cassette is designed for 25 frames 13 × 17 mm in size. Film rewind is not possible. It is possible to change the cassette at any time, while only a small part of the film (about 20 mm) was exposed.
  • The housing is made of metal and consists of an external removable casing and an internal light-tight housing, which houses the lens, shutter, and film rewind mechanism. The viewfinder is located in the external removable aluminum casing, in the transport position the casing closes the shutter button, shutter, lens and focus ring. The shutter is cocked and the film is rewound by sliding the inner body of the camera into the casing.
  • Curtain shutter, with horizontal movement of metal shutters. Located in front of the lens. The shutter has a constant gap, the shutter speed is controlled by changing the speed of the shutters. It is possible to work out only three shutter speeds - 1/30, 1/60 and 1/200 seconds. In the cocked state, a red mark is visible on the curtain. Setting shutter speeds - a ring displayed on the side wall of the camera.
  • Frame counter automatic self-resetting.
  • Synchronization contact “X” is installed on the inner case, synchronization speed is any. The flash clip is missing.
  • The viewfinder is frame, sighting is possible only when the cover is extended.
  • Lens "Industar-M", coated, aperture ratio 1:3,5, focal length 23 mm.
  • The diaphragm is two-bladed, with a square aperture. Management - a ring displayed on the side wall of the chamber.
  • On the outer casing there is a calculator - a tabular exposure meter for an approximate determination of shutter speed and aperture according to weather conditions.
  • The camera was equipped with a soft case and a lanyard. The kit included a disk for the most common single-spiral photo tank in those years. A cutter was sold separately for making 16mm film from 35mm film.
  • The tripod socket is missing. Unlike previous models, it was not equipped with light filters, there is no mount for light filters.
  • The cost of a camera in 1983 was 30 rubles.

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