This article is about the Tair-3C lens from the "Photosniper-12" kit. The same legendary photographic gun used to hunt Sharik from Prostokvashino. Tair-3C in this modification was used exclusively in the composition of a photographic gun.

The serial number of the kit is 8704412, the marking of the lenses of the kit is made in Latin letters (Tair-3S). In addition to the Tair-3C, the kit also included the Helios 44M-4.

Set "Photosniper FS-12"


The Tair series of lenses is probably one of the few that were developed from scratch in the Soviet Union. The first photographic sniper was released for the needs of the defense complex, a trial batch in 1937, and was used with a modified FED camera. However, the civilian model became available only in 1953 under the FS-2 index. In 1982, the FS-3 set, which had been produced for 18 years with many design flaws, was replaced by the FS-12. Photosniper-12 existed on the assembly line until 1990.

m42 tair 3fs 300mm f4.5 1

Despite the new name, in fact - only some cosmetic flaws of the previous release were eliminated in the kit; the camera is replaced by Zenith-TTL, modified for use as part of a photographic set. In 1966, the FS-3 kit was tested by the All-Union Scientific Research Institute of Technical Aesthetics, and not all the comments that were sent to the Krasnogorsk Zverev Plant were able to reach implementation in the design of a photographic gun.

m42 tair 3fs 300mm f4.5 3

Camera, lens and accessories

The "Photosniper-12" set includes lenses Tair-3C 300mm f / 4, Helios-44m-4 58mm f / 2; light filters, a Zenit-12S camera with a duplicated trigger in the lower part of the device, slotted screwdrivers, film cassettes, a Tair-3S rubber hood, a carriage (bed with an emphasis) and a metal box, belts. The photographic gun has three main parts - the Zenit-12S camera (read the review), the Tair-3S long-focus lens (300mm f / 4.5), a stock with a handle, a trigger mechanism and a shoulder rest.

The choice of the Zenit-12S camera is justified by the presence of a constant sighting mirror in this camera and TTL-exponometric device. Despite this, the use of the built-in exposure meter in the camera when shooting with a photolens Tair-3S is possible with a Zenit-12s camera and no other film camera, since in other cases the camera's exposure meter will have to be used only for orientation. To improve metering accuracy, on the tail lens there is a conclusion with the help of which clarifying data are transmitted to the Zenit-12S exposure meter. The cost of the "Photosniper" set as of 1987 was 380 rubles, which was 3 rubles more expensive than the FS-100. At one time, the cost of the FS-3 was proposed to be reduced by using a cheaper Zenit-3M camera without an exposure meter and a constant sight mirror.

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The gun was equipped with five light filters, four of which can only be used by specialists. For example, the same ZhS-17. And on the hunt, changing light filters is too troublesome. The set of photographic guns contains three cassettes for film, one of which is in the camera, and two are fixed on the cover of the case. In 1966, the VNIITE commission proposed to introduce additional slots for cassettes, as well as to provide them with the inscriptions EXPOSED and UNEXPOSED, in order to avoid the mistake of reusing the captured film. The FS-12 kit also contains a rubber hood lens Tair-3C.

An eyecup was supplied with the Zenit-12C camera, without which it is possible to injure the eye due to the specific rounded shape of the viewfinder eyepiece.

Photogun stock

The stock of a photographic gun is a device that carries a camera and a lens. A shoulder strap is attached to the stock. The design of the bed uses a diaphragm release mechanism lens и shutter camera. Moreover, the Zenit-12C camera has a special connector, without which the descent shutter by pulling the trigger will not be possible. The handle of the box is not located in the center of gravity of the system, but is slightly offset to the camera. Because of this, the right hand is under constant stress. At the same time, during focusing, you also have to support the lens with the stock with your left hand. The trigger bar travel is adjusted with the corresponding screws on the trigger lever.

To this "carriage" the lens is screwed tightly with a threaded connection.

m42 tair 3fs 300mm f4.5 4

The design of the bed is such that it only allows the installation lens Tair-3C, and no others. With the shooting conditions often changing in photography, this can cause certain inconveniences, since sometimes a quick change is required lens for less focal length, but a large aperture, or vice versa. Installing other lenses requires reworking the principle of focusing. Also, the use of a teleconverter for a combination of Tair-3S and Zenit-12S is impossible, again, due to the design of the bed. Separately from the lens bed, it is extremely inconvenient to use due to the size lens and the principle of its focusing.

m42 tair 3fs 300mm f4.5 5

The VNIITE commission, during the assessment of the system in 1966, proposed to reduce the trigger force of the hook, as well as to increase the smoothness of its stroke. This was taken into account in the pre-production preparation of the system as a whole.

Shoulder rest

The shoulder rest is designed to provide stability for the shotgun. The proposal of the VNIITE commission to equip the stop with a hinge in 1966 in order to improve the usability of the series was not implemented. The support platform of the stop turns out to be non-perpendicular to the shoulder, hence there is another inconvenience during operation. Located on the axis of the viewfinder, it was also proposed to equip the stop with a branch to improve ergonomics. The elimination of this deficiency is not noted on the 12 PhotoSniper-1987 kit.


The metal case of the kit is a means of storage and protection of the system as a whole. In the case, the photogun is stored disassembled, while playing the role of an intermediate storage location. Despite its monumentality, there was no reflection of one important quality in the case - ease of use. Taking into account the operating conditions of the photogun, we can safely say that transportation of a photogun in a case, directly to the hunting place, is possible only if the photogun is folded into a case.

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The weight of the case is almost two kilograms, the weight of the kit as a whole, as well as the dimensions, allows the simultaneous carrying of the case and the photographic gun in a disassembled state, provided that the case is attached behind the back like a backpack. In the absence of a gun in the case, and placing it on the ground, the case overturns. Has the ability to attach to the shoulders of the photographer, the attachment takes place by means of leather straps, which also came in the kit. Inside, all accessories are screwed to the box-box, or clamped with clamps.

Threaded fasteners and clips are riveted to the main body.

m42 tair 3fs 300mm f4.5 7

Standard camera Zenit-12C Allows you to make exposure compensation without closing the aperture. Thanks to the electrical connection to the camera, it is possible to aim at the target at an open aperture with the ring set to the desired value. Before the shutter is released, the aperture in the lens is lowered. The main thing is not to cock the diaphragm at values ​​​​other than open. Inside, something does not converge and the diaphragm may crumble.

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The lead and timing of the diaphragm and the shutter on the bed can be adjusted. Reduce the stroke of the trigger, for example.

Camera overview Zenit-12S in this review, and examples of photographs from the lens Tair-3FS from this kit here. You can read about Helios-44M-4 from the Photosniper-12 kit in this review.

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