Crop factor ("crop" - from the English verb crop - crop; "factor" - from the Latin factor - doing, producing, here: multiplier)
this is a term for digital photography, it shows how many times the numerical value of the focal length should be multiplied lens digital camera to match the angle of the field of view with the focal length lens for small format film optics (frame format 24 × 36 mm).

It is used for comparison and orientation purposes, because Because of the different, usually smaller, geometric format of the “digital frame”, the focal length and angle of view in digital technology, which are customary for photographers who shot with small-format film technology, are different and differ depending on the size of the matrix of a particular digital camera.

Numerically, for orthoscopic lenses, it is equal to the ratio of the diagonal of a small-format frame - 43,27 mm to the diagonal of the effective light-sensitive field of the matrix.crop factor

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