What is hyperfocal distance is the distance from the plane of the photographic material to the object, when focusing on which the rear edge of the field of focus is at infinity.

With certain combinations of focal length, aperture, and focusing distance, an almost infinite depth of field can be achieved.

Now let's recall what hyperfocal distance is. This is the minimum distance from which objects in the picture become sharp when the lens is focused at infinity.

hyperfokalnoe rasstoyanie 2

Where applicable focusing hyperfocal distance? First of all, when shooting landscapes, architecture, interiors. But there are times when this technique can be used in wedding, reportage, street photography, especially when working with ultra-wide-angle lensmi. Also focusing Hyperfocal can be very useful when photographing a landscape with a starry sky, despite the fact that the shooting is carried out at an open aperture. Focusing in the foreground will blur the sky, and at infinity will blur the foreground, while the hyperfocal distance will allow you to fit both into the field of focus.

hyperfokalnoe rasstoyanie 1

A scale for calculating hyperfocal distance can be found on older lenses.

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