How to insert a film into a FED?

Insert the film into the FED

In order to insert the film into the FED first, you must first of all be patient, since this is a very unusual and difficult business for a beginner.

  • Take out the take-up spool
  • Insert the tail of the film into the take-up spool
  • Cock the camera shutter and lock at a shutter speed by hand (press and turn the shutter button clockwise)
  • Pull the film to the length of the camera's conductive path
  • Insert the film and take-up spool into the camera, being careful not to skew the film
  • Check the correctness of the installation of the film
  • Make a control cocking of the shutter, make sure that the slots on the film lie flat on the spikes of the broaching device (the teeth are visible near the take-up spool)
  • If you lay down unevenly, straighten the film through the shutter window and send the take-up spool deeper
  • Close the lid

In FED-2, FED-3, the film is inserted into the take-up spool, as on Zenit-Ethrough the hinged rear wall.

How to load a film into FED-4, FED-5, FED-5V, FED-6

In order to insert the film on FED-4, FED-5 (V), FED-6, you must:

  • Remove the cover
  • Insert the tail of the film from the spool into the slot of the take-up spool
  • Install the coil in its place
  • Make a shutter cocking, checking the attachment of the film in the take-up spool

How to insert a film into FED, FED-2, FED-3, FED-4, FED-5 (V), FED-6 video

If you load the film in the dark, you can save 1-2 frames for shooting.

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