Back / front focus here is not so critical, because the wide angle.

Obektiv Sigma 10 20 f4 5.6 12

There is no stabilizer in the lens, but with such focal lengths it is not needed (Canon does not think so, ha-ha), since the minimum allowable shutter speed at which the effect of shaking the working hands will not be noticeable is 1/10 or 1 / 20s in depending on the focal length. There is no background blur, but there is. So that you understand - it is about the same as that of smartphones. This is not a disadvantage of the lens, but a feature of wide-angle optics.

Its equivalent focal length on a Canon crop will be 16-32, which is the widest angle. For example, the angle of view of a whale Canon EF-S 18-55mm IS equal to the equivalent of 28-88mm full frame. Sigma 10-20 / 4.5-5.6 - the most real wide-angle for EF-s mount cameras!

Obektiv Sigma 10 20 f4 5.6 13

When using a lens, keep in mind that it is prone to high contrast. Like, in principle, all the EX-series optics that I held in my hands. It makes sense to slightly overexpose the image and shoot in RAW. When working with bright sources in the frame, you need to be careful not to catch hares. The filter diameter is 77mm, which is expensive, but you will have to protect the front lens.

Obektiv Sigma 10 20 f4 5.6 14

Sigma 10-20 / 4.5-5.6 has barrel distortion in all focal length ranges, and at 10mm it is generally difficult to correct anything in post-processing, so the frame should be weighed strictly in advance so as not to suffer from perspective correction. Compared to 16-35 from Canon, the distortion is not so critical, and the contraction of the corners in this Sigma is not so noticeable.

life hacking

And that is not all. Surely you know that native EF-s lenses cannot be fitted to a full-frame Canon camera? There will cling a mirror and blah blah blah). If we take Sigma 10-20 / 4.5-5.6 and put it on full frame ... then we have natural 10-20 mm in full frame). Is this not halelujah, brothers and sisters? Vignetting is present on the 36x24mm matrix, and at 10mm it seems to be incorrigible (understandable, since 10mm is a natural fisheye by nature), and already at 12mm it is quite tolerable and suppressed during post-processing. Such a life hack.


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