Sony FE 1.8\85 (SEL85F18) is a telephoto lens for cameras with Sony E mount.


  • 1. Small and light
  • 2. Sharp immediately at F 1.8
  • 3. Excellent design
  • 4. Quick focus on Sony A7
  • The best lens on Sony for shooting people, face, shoulder and full length portraits, architecture and even landscape sketches.
  • Weighing 370 grams, a perfect match with the compact A7S mirrorless camera weighing 480 grams.
  • Full metal body.
  • There is a feeling that there should have been a Zeiss nameplate but they forgot to stick it. 50 tr is worth every ruble.
  • Ideal proportions of the face and objects without distortion.
  • Very high resolution, 67 lines/mm at f4 lenstip.
  • Beautiful colors.
  • Magic drawing.
  • Surpassed Zeiss 55 / 1.8 in quality, but they are still different. I use with Sony A7S.


  • Everything suits me


I chose between 85 / 1.4 GM and this glass. GM is both expensive and huge, especially for a mirrorless camera, the whole point of its compactness is lost. And I don't need 1.4 in the studio at all. Therefore, the choice was obvious - compact inexpensive 85 / 1.8. The picture is very nice, the bokeh is soft. There are no obvious optical flaws such as aberrations and purple halos in the backlight. Sharp right from the open aperture, no need to squeeze for sharpness. Focusing on the A7iii is very fast. Even the dynamics can be easily removed. The case is metal, but quite light. The weight distribution on the A7 turned out great. Has become my favorite lens for portrait photography, both in the studio and on the street. An excellent lens for its price.

Sample photos from Sony FE 1.8 \ 85 (SEL85F18) (Sony A7ii)

Sample photos from Sony FE 1.8 \ 85 (SEL85F18) (Sony Nex-C3)

Sample photos from Sony FE 1.8 \ 85 (SEL85F18) (Sony Nex-5)

Video sample Sony FE 85mm f / 1.8 SEL85F18F

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