Camera Kiev-60

September 29, 2020

"Kiev-60" and "Kiev-60 TTL" - medium format single-lens reflex cameras produced at the Kiev plant "Arsenal".

kievy arsenal

Camera "Kiev-60" is designed on the basis of the camera "Kiev-6C" ("Kiev-6C TTL"), produced in total from 1971 to 1986. The release button for these models was made under the left hand, which caused numerous complaints from photographers. Since 1984, the production of cameras "Kiev-60 TTL" ("Kiev-60") began, the release button was made for the right hand. Cameras "Kiev-60" and "Kiev-645" were mass-produced until 2005.

Camera Kiev-60

Sample photo from Kiev-60 camera

Author - Misha Kirov (development and photo printing in Tver)


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