From Helios 44M-6 to Sony A7II according to Yaroslavl. With examples of photos and videos for this lens.

Never before have I experienced the pleasure of shooting with manual optics as is the case with Sony cameras. Well, this is not an advertisement, but I just haven't really moved away from the transition from Canon yet. Thank you for helping me forget working with boots like a bad dream). You turn on focus-picking, and you don't use the zoom at all. Is this not Hallelujah, brothers and sisters? Just take it off. Just.)

Helios 44M-6 sample photo (Sony A7II)

Here are not only ordinary photos, but also examples of how the Helios 44M-6 enlightened with backlight works. I knew that everything was not so bad, but that it was so wonderful - no. See the photo yourself. Helios 44M-6 MS is not the most expensive version of Helios, but it is still a little sharper, and the enlightenment on it is more modern than, for example, that of the same 44M-4. I think it’s in vain that these glasses are so scolded by snickering Zeiss lovers). The double joy from the fact that photography has become so simple was not overshadowed even by a dog lover who came up to play. Happenes)

You can see more examples of photos from Helios in these articles:

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  5. Helios-44-3 2/58 MS
  6. Helios-44-7 2/58
  7. Helios-44M 2/58 M42 (Canon)
  8. Helios 44M-4 2/58 M42 (Canon)
  9. Helios-44M-6 2/58 MS M42 (Canon)
  10. Helios-44M-6 2/58 MS example photo Sony NEX-C3
  11. Helios-44M-6 2/58 MS example photo Sony A7II
  12. Helios 44M-7 2/58
  13. Helios-77M-4 2/58
  14. Helios-81-auto 
  15. Helios-81H MC
  16. Helios-103 (rangefinder)

Helios 44M-6 58/2 MC M42 sample video (Sony A7II)

And, of course, an example of a video for the A7II + Helios 44M-6 bundle.

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