Nikon D5100 camera - review with sample photos

Good day, dear readers. This review is about an old camera like the Nikon D5100. Yes, this section on YouTube is called "Necro Review", and I have a story to tell. A camera without an operational control display is a younger, but slightly more advanced model than the D3100. Convenience in work is ensured by the presence of a flip-up screen, and the menu is more user-friendly to the user, of course, than, again, from Canon. At first, the graphical display of examples of some settings confuses, but then you get used to it. The review uses photographs of several cameras. The first one got in an inanimate state, after a child played with it. Actually, the last shots on the flash drive were the face of a happy child who had grasped at a complex technique. The shutter of the camera was ripped out, and it also did not turn on and was flooded. With the help of a soldering iron and some kind of mother, he was reanimated to the state of "I turn on and I can do something." In general, without a shutter, all exposures longer than 5100/1 are available for the D30, but at the same time, only 1/30 did not notice the lonely lamella of the second shutter curtain. In general, I shot my first video on Nikon with this half-life camera.

The second camera was in perfect condition, however, with the original 18-55 VR ED lens inoperative. It did not work to reanimate him. A disease of lenses is the lack of autofocus. After a certain time, the lens lying on the shelf with the camera stops focusing, and only a squeak is heard when the focus button is pressed. But cosmetically everything was in perfect condition and the run of the kit was ridiculous - only 2651 photos. Of course, shooting with manual focus on Nikon is hell. It's good when the lens is at least intact in terms of electronics - then semi-automatic shooting modes work. If not, then only manual control. Manual control of all settings, including the ISO setting. Control for manual use is not the most convenient and familiar. However, it is still possible to cope. For myself, I noted that, unlike canon, productivity drops ten times, and this is probably still underestimated. Thanks for ISO Auto at least in video mode. Otherwise, you could have just smashed this camera.

Anyway. In general, the D5100 is the same camera that is able to teach a beginner on its own much faster than Canon, thanks to the menu with graphical display. There is only one dial for changing the settings, it changes the current mode parameter (aperture priority in aperture priority, shutter speed in shutter speed priority). Additionally, using the exposure compensation button or ISO, you can change these parameters with the same dial.

The display is bright, the colors are juicy. I liked the work in automatic mode. Many photos could be left as they are during processing. First of all, the camera works adequately with the white balance. It's good. This is just a breakthrough compared to the boots of those years)

The review will be supplemented later, when I will sort out my materials, accumulated on these cameras during their possession.

Nikon D5100 ISO

Working ISO is high enough. In the attached examples below, for example, you can see that with ISO 6400 the picture still looks like it should. Unlike the Canon 60D and other interesting boots, the picture does not fall apart and looks good. But this test is a little inadequate, since under the same conditions any camera will give a similar result. Your best bet, of course, is to try to pull the details out of the shadows, but there's nothing to drag around here. I will take into account for the future, but this is not certain.

Nikon D5100 shutter operation

First of all, the camera surprises with its work. Quiet, not entirely silent, but much quieter than Canon classmates. What's in LiveView, what's in normal mode. The mirror does not pop like a window leaf in a draft; continuous shooting does not frighten birds. There is even some kind of thrill in this sound. I'm not a fan of ASMR, if anything, it just happened.

Nikon D5100 sample video

This video contains samples from two D5100s. The video is recorded in the maximum quality of this camera (1920x1080), even on a card of the 4th speed class. I think that here either the bit rate is lower than that of Canon, or the camera was not designed by hands.

Nikon D5100 sample photos

Processing in Capture One


The camera is original for me, like the whole Nikon system. However, there are only a few misunderstandings that I encountered in my work. And those, in fact, arose only because I wanted more from this camera than it can give. A working camera is a good option for every day.

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