This lens, in fact, is not removable - it was unscrewed from the Japanese rangefinder camera Yashika half 14. The last word indicates that it was shooting only half of the frame, and therefore the lens formed a relatively small image field. When shooting with the Sony A7 Mark II, this resulted in powerful vignetting across the entire frame.
But at first I drew attention not to this, but to the unusual two-blade diaphragm. It is no coincidence that it is she who is depicted in the starting photo for this post. What will have to wait in hips with such a hole? I will say right away - nothing supernatural. The lens is much more interesting with its design.
YASHINON-DX 32mm f / 1.4 draws softly, plastically, delicately. Color rendition, so to speak, is "pastel". The colors are discreet, but pronounced - like in the pictures. Sharpness is quite acceptable, with an open lens it is barely noticeable artistically soft. The bokeh on the fully open side is calm, even, unobtrusive.
In general, this is an interesting thing, which is worth shooting some objects in the close and medium plan. The lens, so to speak, is cozy, warm, chamber. Use it for such plots.

YASHINON-DX 32mm f / 1.4 sample photo

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