Regular readers of my blog have probably noticed that, when describing lenses, I always give them epithets. For example: “Sigma-XQ 39-80mm f / 3.5. All-rounder zoom ”. But this is not the case with the W-Komura 35mm f / 2.5 lens. Then I can't find an epithet ...

The lens is well assembled and easy to handle. Here is the full inscription on the frame: “W-KOMURA f = 35mm 1: 2.5 KOMURA LENS MFG LTD”. I indicate it specifically so that this glass is not confused with a similar Komura lens, but with the addition of the inscription "Sankyo Kohki".
У lens the distortion is well corrected - the blockages of the vertical lines are sometimes almost not felt. At a fully open aperture, it gives a kind of "soft effect" (I will show this already in the first picture).
When diaphragm covered up to f / 5.6, becomes moderately sharp. The color rendition is restrained, with a departure in cold tones. Six diaphragm blades, plus the optical scheme give "scales" in hips... I didn’t really like the drawing in the blur zone - it seems that there is plasticity, and some “nervousness” is present.
In general, this lens did not catch me with anything special - for nothing, that it has such a high aperture ratio for its time. If you buy this glass, then for the price of "Mir-1" (well, maybe give a little more money). The usual shirik ... what else to say?

W-Komura 35mm f / 2.5 sample photo

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